Using Post-Its in the Bullet Journal

I have a confession… I love Post-Its! Before I started my bullet journal I had a collection of them every where I went. Piles at work, piles in my office and kitchen. And this is why I love the bullet journal – it offers all the flexibility I need while keeping the Post-Its that I still use organized!

How I use Post-It's in my Bullet Journal

Here are 3 ways I use Post-Its…

1. Quick lists
I classify a “quick list” as anything I need to write down so I don’t forget but is usually short term so it doesn’t have a home in my bujo. My grocery and shopping lists almost always fall in this category. It also makes it easy to grab and put in my wallet for my shopping trip.

3 Ways to Use Post Its in the Bullet Journal - Lists

2. Forward items
Here’s a scenario… it’s March and you just found out about an event in April, it’s too early to make that monthly spread and it’s not “big” enough to put in your future planner… Post-It!

3 Ways to Use Post-its in the Bullet Journal - Forwarding

3. Holds
Last but not least, when I have an idea or want to create a new page or collection but not ready to dive into it, I put it on a Post-It! This also makes it easy to plan my next few pages and I don’t forget anything!

3 Ways to Use Post-its in the Bullet Journal - Holding

Does anyone else use Post-Its in their Bujo? How do you use Post-Its?

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