My August Bullet Journal Set Up

For the first time, I am sharing how I’ve set up my month in my Bullet Journal.

My August Bullet Journal Set Up

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have already seen my monthly spread. Of course, as soon as I finished it my toddler ran over with wet fingers and grabbed it.

My August Bullet Journal Set Up - Monthly Spread

She is very talented so she was able to position those little fingers right on my fresh lines, hence the smudges. Real life – I’m a bullet journal mom.

Bullet Journal August Set Up - My bullet journal gratitude log
This gratitude log was new for me. I was inspired by Christina77Star (who credits being inspired by I love the big boxes and the fact that I only have to come up with one  thing each day.

In the past, I used BohoBerry’s spread where you list out 2 things you are grateful for each day. I personally just found that approach unsustainable to start since making a point to say what I am grateful for each day (and have it be original to things I’ve already captured) was really difficult. But I bet that works well when you’ve been doing this for some time.

Bullet Journal August Set Up - My bullet journal project tracking
I have a lot going on right now. I work full time, have 2 kids, I run this blog, and I just launched a second blog about blogging. That’s a lot for any one person to manage and I have to be thoughtful about how I spend my time as to not waste a second of it.

I came up with two spreads this month to help me stay focused on goals. The first was my mindmap, and this was to identify my critical goals in each area of my life.
Bullet Journal August Set Up - My bullet journal mindmap


Then I took the big tasks I have to accomplish, into this Impact/Effort grid. I forgot to list those when I took this picture. Impact is the y-axis and effort is the x-axis.
Bullet Journal August Set Up - My bullet journal project tracker by impact and effort
I’m hoping this helps me maximize my work time on the right things.

So there you have it. Those are my spreads for the month of August, along with dailies of course. Let me know if you like seeing this and I’ll keep sharing them! Also be sure to check out our favorite bullet journal supplies.

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  • Thanks for sharing your setup with us. The Impact/Effort grid for projects really caught my eye. I’d love to see a post dedicated to that once you’ve been using it for a while, would be really interesting to see how it’s been working out.

    All the best

  • I love your layout for the gratitude log – it’s something I always want to keep up with but have found it very… yeah, difficult and repetitive to come up with two things. Plus this way looks visually more pleasing so I might have to try it.
    Thank you!

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