Easy Tips to Clean Your Bathroom Like a Pro

Outside of the Kitchen, the Bathroom is the most often cleaned room in my house. Don’t mistake that for me enjoying the task, but I find the more I do it, the faster of a job it is rather than doing quarterly ‘deep’ cleans which can take upwards of an hour or two.

I’m going to walk you through exactly how I give my bathroom a top to bottom cleaning. I do most of these steps weekly, but some (like washing mats and floors) monthly. Find a schedule that works for you!

Tips to help you quickly clean your bathroom like a pro with these tips!

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Now let’s get to cleaning!

Tub/Shower Cleaning Tips

This dawn + vinegar combo is an all time favorite! Mix equal parts Dawn dish soap with warm vinegar, shake, and you have yourself a powerful cleaner. I can’t speak highly enough of this one. It’s so easy and you don’t even have to scrub! Just spray, let it sit and then rinse.

You can also keep some of the mixture in one of these soap dispensing sink brushes and leave it right in the shower for spot-cleaning while you are using the shower. Another great in-shower tool is a squeegee. They are inexpensive and work well to give your walls or tiles a quick wipe down. A wash cloth would work as well.

I also always leave some no-rise spray, like this Method brand option, so I can give the walls and liner a quick spritz before I even step out of the shower. This will extend how long you can go in between deeper cleans.



The first this I do is wipe down the cover, seat, and rim with a cleaning wipe. You could easily use some spray or vinegar and a rag, but I’m usually cleaning in time-saving mode so the cleaning wipes work well for me. If you take the extra 2-3 minutes to wipe down the full base as well, you’ll thank yourself from a bigger project a few times each year.

I usually go with Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner for my inside-the-bowl cleaner of choice. I like the 3-pack because I have 3 bathrooms so I can leave one in each versus having to tote my supplies around.

If you want a more natural or DIY approach, this DIY toilet cleaner from Martha Stewart is great! It’s easy to throw together and works wonders on those hard water stains.

I usually use an inexpensive toilet brush and I keep one in each bathroom. Hate how gross they can get over time? That’s actually from putting them back wet! My favorite tip is to spray it with some vinegar or cleaner and put it between the rim and the lid until it dries. Really extends the life (and look) of the brush.



If the sink just needs a wipe down, I’ll grab my cleaning wipes and give it a quick once over with those. If I want something deeper, I’ll scrub the sink with a baking soda and vinegar paste. You can even take it a step further with this combo if you have a slow or clogged drain by following the directions for this DIY cleaner!

Not looking so hot around the base of your faucet? Soak paper towels or a rag in vinegar, and lay it over the areas for an hour or two. When you remove, any of that yuck just wipes away! If needed, a tooth brush with vinegar works as well to get around the handles and into the smaller crevices hard to reach.


I’m a Windex and paper towel girl all the way. Windex also come in a pump which is great to leave on the counter, or in wipe form. If you are looking for a more natural approach, you can use this approach from Clean My Space! I like to go top down to avoid any streaks.


Floors and rugs
Nothing special here, just throw all your rugs and mats into the wash on hot (unless instructed otherwise). Let them hang out once their done washing unless the directions allow for putting in the dryer. While you’re waiting for those to finish don’t forget to give your floor a good vacuum and mop. Baking soda with a tooth brush works well to clean grout if needed. If you have boys in the house, make sure you pay special attention to the floor around the toilet. Yeah, I went there. 


Medicine Cabinet / Closet
If you have time, go through your medicine cabinet or closet and make sure to get rid of any expired medicines… but don’t flush them! The FDA has guidelines on to dispose of them and many local police stations and pharmacies have a medication drop box which makes it easy.

You can also check out our bathroom organization post for some easy bathroom organizing tips. We also have a round-up of our favorite bathroom organizing products.


Trash Bin
This one so often gets left out by people. Not only should you empty it, but give it a good wipe down (outisde then inside) with a cleaning wipe or rag, or spray with Lysol. It grosses me out to think about the kind of bacteria that thing is exposed to.


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