Must Know Bathroom Organizing Products For A Stress Free Morning

Are you looking for better ways to organize your bathroom but don’t know where to start? Who isn’t. If you’re like me, your mornings are a bit of a rush. This means sometimes moving at 100mph and throwing things down on the first clear counter space you can find.

Bathroom Organizing Products - These are some great (and affordable) hacks to organize your bathroom

In an effort to make my return home a little less stressful than walking into a cluttered bathroom, I’ve gone on a hunt to find products that can help me keep an organized and functional bathroom. Hope you love these as much as I do!

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Over the Cabinet Hair Design Holder

Let’s face it, most of us put out blow dryers and curling irons in a drawer or basket in the bathroom and they never seem to really fit into place. They get tangled and can cause you more effort and time in the morning figuring out how to manage than needed. This product solves this problem!

Outlet Shelf/Organizer

We all have some kind of smaller item that may need to be plugged in such as an electric toothbrush or an electric shaver. Depending on the size of your bathroom these products help free up space on your sink counter by allowing these items to be stored easily above or below your outlet.

Extra Roll – Toilet Paper Storage

What I love about this product is not only do you always know where to find the toilet paper refill but you never are in jeopardy of the paper being compromised by a spill of something inside of your cabinet.

Small Spaces – Bathroom Floor Cabinet

For someone like myself who doesn’t have much room or cabinet space in their bathroom this product is the perfect fit! With its slim shape, you are able to slide it right next to your toilet and turn that unused space into extra storage!

Versatile Shelving

This product is great because you can use it in or outside of your shower. It’s a great addition to a guest bathroom, the 90-degree free rotation of the top shelf will allow you to leave items for your guest such as towels and can be easily closed to offer more space when needed.

Over the Door Baskets

These are a great addition to any bathroom. Allowing for more storage space without having to clear out any of your current shelf space.

Cosmetic Carousel

If you are sick of keeping your cosmetic products in draws or bags which could compromise the shape, color or convenience of getting to your products, this is perfect for you!

Stackable Cabinet with Draws

Do you have a nice big cabinet or shelf space but getting to the back to find what you are looking for taking more time than it should? This would be a great addition to your bathroom! Not only does it allow for additional storage by breaking that one shelf space into two but it also allows for you to pull out a drawer and access the hard to reach items in the back!

Simple Storage

You can’t go wrong with basic shelving to add to any corner of your bathroom. In or outside of the shower; from holding extra hair products, toilet paper, sponges and more this product will let you get more out of your space.

Cosmetic Organizer

Love the idea of the Cosmetic Carousel but don’t have the space? This product will let you organize these items while saving shelf and counter space.

What are your favorite products or tips for keeping your bathroom organized?


Cari Edwards is an adventure-seeker and lover of travel, soaking up every last minute of her 20’s. She works in marketing and radio by day, and shares her wild experiences on her blog by night over at One More Go Around. Follow her on Instagram @onemoregoaround.

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