Beach Bag Organizing Tips

As Memorial Day weekend draws near that only means one thing, summer is here and we need to get ready for warm sunny days at the beach! Which also means you need to get your beach bag prepped and ready to go. If you’re anything like me you love the beach but hate the sand – in or on my things that is! Here are a few tips to get you beach ready all summer and keep the sand out of your valuables.


Get beach ready with these beach bag organizing tips!

First up is sunscreen, I always keep this in a pouch in my bathroom closet. It’s waterproof and easy to grab and go when I need it. The best part is the pouch doubles for organization whether it’s in my bag or not. And being super cute is always a plus (thanks Target dollar spot!)

Beach Bags Organizing Tips to make your next beach trip a breeze!

Next is your phone, because let’s be real no one leaves it in the car or at home. I use the very scientific method of putting it in a Ziploc bag! This is great for a few key things- first, it’s waterproof, second, it’s sand proof. And last but not lease –  you can still use it!! Yes, give it a try yourself. I have an iPhone 6 and it fits perfectly in the snack size bag, if you have anything bigger you’ll probably need the regular sandwich sized bag.

Beach Bags Organizing Tips to make your next beach trip a breeze!

Now your other necessities, keep your keys, money, ID, cards, and chapstick  in a different Ziploc bag. Again not scientific but super inexpensive and you can even have a bag for each family member so there’s no fighting! I always keep a few extra Ziploc bags (and usually a grocery bag or two) in case I want to keep something by itself or it gets contaminated with sand. Beach Bags Organizing Tips to make your next beach trip a breeze!

Last up is your towel! This one is super easy, just roll, stuff and go! My bag can fit two towels comfortably but I usually only put one in my bag, and keep the other in the car so it’s sand free and dry when I’m done.

Beach bag organizing tips to get you out on the beach in a breeze!


You’re beach ready, now get out there and enjoy it!

What do you do to get beach ready?

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