Bullet Journal Bleed and Ghosting Test

I’ve seen a few questions about experiencing any bleeding or ghosting and what pens we use in our bullet journals so I decided to do a quick bleed and ghosting test with all of my favorite pens and markers!

Bullet Journal Bleed and Ghosting Test

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Bullet Journal Pen Bleed and Ghost Test

Leuchtturm1917 vs. Piccadilly Essential Notebook

First off, I tested in  my Leuchtturm1917 and a Piccadilly – I use this one as my test journal when I want to sketch out a new spread, draw a quick doodle and everything else in between. In the first picture below you’ll see the two tests side by side. I tried to give a quick sample of all the everyday things you might be doing in your BuJo – writing, drawing lines, and filling in/drawing. The Leuchtturm is on the left and the Piccadilly is on the right.

Bullet Journal Bleed and Ghosting Test

In the next picture you’ll see the amount of ghosting in each notebook (again, Leuchtturm on the left, Piccadilly on the right)

Bullet Journal Bleed and Ghosting Test

There’s moderate ghosting with almost all of the pens I use, but it doesn’t really bother me. Once I start to write on the back of the page I don’t even notice it. It is a little bit more significant if you’re doing any filling in or drawing (see the triangles). But there was no clear “winner”… both notebooks were about even in terms of bleeding and ghosting. The Piccadilly ghosting was a bit heavier when I filled in the triangles but certainly nothing I would be too concerned about or that would push me to remove a pen from my favorites list.

Is there a certain pen or marker that you want me to test? Let me know by commenting below!

Coming soon: Bleeding and Ghosting Test in a Moleskine!

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