July 2016 Blog Income Report – $1,595.04

These blog income reports used to be published over on ProductiveandPretty.com. However, the readers on our blog were more interested in our main focus and less about blogging so I decided to move these here for us blog nerds. ūüôā

This blog income report is JUST earnings and expenses from ProductiveandPretty.com and does not include this site. I’ll be publishing a second report for this one. Moving forward, I’ll consolidate some of the information I share here so I can put both blogs onto one income report.

A few things to know:

  • I run ProductiveandPretty.com with a friend.
  • We started this blog on February 2, 2016.
  • Parenthesis note change from previous month.

July 2016 Blog Traffic and Income Report: How I made over $1500 in my 6th month of blogging

This page contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure.

Blog Income Report

Traffic Report

July Traffic

  • Pageviews: 112,470 (-4.07%)
  • Sessions: 72,371 (-5.42%)
  • Average Session Duration: 1:12 (+4.35%)
  • Bounce Rate: 78.40% ¬†(-.20% — you want the bounce rate to go down)
  • New Sessions: 70.08% (-1.71%)

Another insane month in terms of page views and sessions. Even though we technically went down, I was shocked to even see it get that close to our best month considering July tends to be a slow traffic month.

Still attributing a lot of it to things I learned in¬†“Building a Framework”¬†(post on it here) and things Liz learned in Part Time Blogger, Full time Income.

Now let’s take a look at where they came from..
July Traffic Sources

  • Social:¬†71.10%
    1. Pinterest: 93.68% (+6.14%)
    2. Facebook: 4.87% (-50.91%)
    3. reddit: 0.53% (-38.37%)
    4. Instagram: 0.50% (-16.67%)
    5. Stumbleupon: 0.28% (+55.56%)
    6. Twitter: 0.33% (+153.85%)
  • Direct: 14.80% (-0.67%)
  • Referral: 1.60% (+60.0%)
  • Organic Search: 12.40% (+55.0%)

A few notes on social:

  • Not sure what is up with Instagram
  • We are no longer pushing content to Reddit
  • Facebook we just didn’t share very much this month — plus I think activity in general may have been down
Social Media Report

July Social Media Growth

It would be interesting to start tracking the rate of growth too… something I’ll consider for going forward!!

Tailwind and BoardBooster are still helping us crush it on Pinterest.

Convertkit has been amazing for email. Pop-up conversions slowed down when I switched from SumoMe to ConvertKit boxes (only because SumoMe was WAY too expensive, and ConvertKit pop-ups are free with your service)

Profit and Loss Report

July Income

  • Amazon Affiliates (7/1 – 7/31): $417.68
  • Mediavine: (Our ad network) $546.20
  • Framework¬†Affiliate: $30.00
  • Sponsored Posts: $600.00
  • Blogging on the side affiliate: $1.16
  • Total Gross Income: $1,595.04 (+72.35%)

July Expenses

Please note: Jen owned a web hosting plan for other sites ($106.88 yearly), and the Genesis framework ($59.95) prior to this blog launching so we didn’t actually have to pay these amounts to launch this particular site. The WordPress Theme (37.46) was purchased in February 2016. We decided to still share so you would understand what the¬†cost would be should you start from scratch.

Total Net Profit: $1,349.70 (+64.10%)

The $600 was a great surprise for our first set of sponsored posts. I also attribute some of the profit growth to a recent course I completed, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. I’ll be doing a full review of it soon once I’ve had a little more time to test and apply.

Post Report

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