Blog Traffic and Income Report (June 2016)

Traffic and Income reports are one of my favorite things to read from other bloggers, so to keep us accountable for our goals (in the spirit of being productive) we’ve decided to share as well! This blog was never intended to become a full time job or even a major source of income, but we still think it will be fun to track.

How we make money blogging and what we brought in during June 2016.
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This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see our disclosures here.

Please keep in mind we launched this blog on February 2, 2016. Parenthesis note change from previous month.

Traffic Report

June Traffic

  • Pageviews: 117,236 (+145.92%)
  • Sessions: 76,517 (152.60%)
  • Average Session Duration: 1:09 (-12.66%)
  • Bounce Rate: 78.56 (-.38% — you want the bounce rate to go down)
  • New Sessions: 71.3% (+4.26%)
  • Highest Traffic Day: 6,295 (+166.62%)

Insane month in terms of increases in page views and sessions.  Still attributing a lot of it to things I learned in “Building a Framework” (post on it here) and things Liz learned in Part Time Blogger, Full time Income.

I feel like we are working too hard for traffic though — meaning, I’m still not feeling like we have a consistent audience based on our bounce rate and number of new visitors.

Now let’s take a look at where they came from..
June Traffic Sources

  • Social: 76.2% (+5.25%)
    1. Pinterest: 88.26% (+11.62%)
    2. Facebook: 9.92% (+16.02%)
    3. reddit: 0.86% (-91.04%)
    4. Instagram: 0.60% (-74.25%)
    5. Stumbleupon: 0.18% (+12.5%)
    6. Twitter: 0.13% (+8.33%)
  • Direct: 14.9% (-28.05%)
  • Referral: 1% (-11.5%)
  • Organic Search: 8% (+37.93%)

A few notes on social:

  • Instagram: I think this one is an error. We know that Instagram does not register as social (but as direct) in Analytics. I had a hack for this I used (and linked to) in previous months but made a change this month. I’m going to track this going forward to see if that is the case.
  • Reddit: I think we’ve officially given up on reddit. Even when I try to engage with people there, when we leave a link we are scolded. But we see others do it — and see it on income reports — yet we just can’t quite figure it out.
  • Twitter and Stumbleupon are new additions this month!
Social Media Report

June Social Media Growth

Now let’s chat more about some of this growth. Tailwind and BoardBooster have been insanely helpful with growing both our Pinterest following, and traffic from Pinterest. I researched for hours on which to use, and ultimately I decided it was worth using both. Boy, was I right!

We are also jumping on the Convertkit love bandwagon. I never thought I would be so excited to pay for an email list, but they are seriously awesome. In the last week of the month, we also installed SumoMe which gave us a big spike in newsletter subscribers.

Profit and Loss Report

June Income

  • Amazon Affiliates (6/1 – 6/30): $386.78
  • Google Adsense: $19.93 (took down after first week)
  • Mediavine: (Our new ad network) $488.78
  • Framework Affiliate: $30.00
  • Total Gross Income: $925.49 (+324.86%)

June Expenses

Please note: Jen owned a web hosting plan for other sites ($106.88 yearly), and the Genesis framework ($59.95) prior to this blog launching so we didn’t actually have to pay these amounts to launch this particular site. The WordPress Theme (37.46) was purchased in February 2016. We decided to still share so you would understand what the cost would be should you start from scratch.

Total Net Profit: $822.49 (+635.42%)

Post Report
Goal Report

Goals for June

  1. Switch to ConvertKit
  2. Set up email sequences
  3. Send Monthly Newsletter
  4. Maintain 1 week of blog posts scheduled in advance (Liz) – Migrated from March
  5. Increase blog traffic numbers
  6. Grow Facebook page
  7. Improve blog design

Goals for Next Month

  1. Increase blog traffic numbers
  2. Build upon email sequences by adding at least one
  3. Send Monthly Newsletter
  4. Blogger collaboration

Let us know if you like seeing this – I know a lot of people have been curious about how blogs work behind the scenes!

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  • I’ve recently started following your blog and I find this very interesting! I love reading blogs but most are written by stay at home moms so the fact that you are a working mom that has time to write a blog is inspiring!

  • Hi Jen! I love reading these income reports. I actually have 2 questions, maybe you can address them in next month’s report if the answers are too long lol. First is, how did you get so many Instagram followers? Any tips? I’m just starting one so I’m starting from 0. And also, your Amazon income is great. Do you have lots of Amazon links scattered throughout or is it a handful of posts that make money? Thanks so much for any help.

    • Happy to help! For Instagram, my best tip is to use hashtags! Then go out on the hashtags and like away. I find that the more I do that, those people (who like that topic) will see I liked theirs, and tend to like back. For Amazon, I have them scattered throughout. I try to get one on at least every other post where I can (and without being spammy). Best of luck and feel free to email if I can be of help!

  • You guys had a great month and your traffic is pretty impressive (this is coming from someone who is trying to break that 13,000 stall). Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest right now so I’m hoping to see if I can convert some of the visitors into regular users and that the bounce rate decreases. I’ve heard some bloggers say that they don’t care about the bounce rate because they care more about the pageviews etc, but I would like to think that my content is really helping others. Looking forward to reading more of your income reports, keep it up!

    • Thanks, and I agree with you about bounce rate. Do I still get paid if they leave? Sure. But I want people to stay on the site. I’m going to be doing some experimenting and I’ll share the results 🙂

  • Hi Jen! I just found your blog and income reports (I’m so hooked on reading these!) What impressive growth from last May to June! I notice that a big part of that jump was Ad Network income. Did you do anything else differently to get that kind of boost?

    You are crushing those goals, girl! Keep it up! 😉

    • Yes! So the biggest difference was in switching from Google Ads to Mediavine where you get paid for views instead of just clicks. Happy to chat further if you want to email me.

      • I can’t believe it made that big of a difference! I wasn’t considering ads on my blog…until now. I have used Adsense and just didn’t like them, not to mention that I didn’t make much money from them. I like the Mediavine ads much better – they blend better, IMO. I’m sure I’ll think of some other questions! LOL In the meantime, I’ll keep checking back!

  • Thanks for sharing! Started my blog this month, not to make money, but almost as a way to go back and see what was going on in our lives later. I, too, had a toddler and a baby. Now, they are 2 &3, and I work full time too.

    I feel ya, girl!

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