Seasonal Bucket Lists in the Bullet Journal

For some reason I was getting really depressed about turning 25 this year. I guess it’s not so much 25 that I’m worried about but after 25 comes 26, then 27 and before you know it it’s 30.

Bucket lists in the bullet journal!

There I said it. I’m afraid of getting old. 

So how does one remedy that? Act like a kid, do something spontaneous? Maybe. But those weren’t long term solutions for me and my Type A self was kicking in telling me I needed a plan.

Enter my bucket lists. 

The first one I started is my ’50 before 50′ list. 50 national parks before I turn 50. I’m also planning to try and get a sticker or something to commemorate my future visits that I can put in my bujo. Another idea to commemorate checking off bucket list items is getting a picture and adding it in your journal like what Jen did with her Fujifilm camera project but a sticker!

Bucket lists in the bullet journal - they work for any age!

I’m not the type to want to go sky diving, bungee jumping or anything wild like that, there’s too many uncontrollable variables that make my OCD self go a little crazy (and let’s be real the whole possibility of dying part is a setback for me.) So let’s just say I tend to stick to safer alternatives 🙂

So I have my 50 before 50 list and I’m also starting one for 30 and 40. I see my 30 before 30 list being things that I can do while I’m still single and of course don’t need a sitter (okay I’ll still need a pet sitter!) like traveling.

Another take on bucket lists that I’m giving a try – by season!

Seasonal bucket lists in the bullet journal!

Fall is will be here soon and for my fellow New Englanders – you know what that means! I can make sure I get all my fall activities in before it’s winter – apple and pumpkin picking, corn mazes and that’s just the start of it all! The best thing about these lists is that they can be recycled and updated for every season.

Have you started any bucket lists in your bullet journal?

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