Bujo Supply Spotlight: Highlighters

I have a confession…. I LOVE my highlighters.

I saw them when I first started bujo’ing and thought I wouldn’t need them. I was satisfied with my markers and colored pencils.

Silly me. 

Bullet journal supply spotlight - highlighters!

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Somewhere along the way I decided to buy a pack and I haven’t looked back since.

The ones I have and love are Zebra Mildliners. They come in a bunch of different colors. Each set has five different colors, and you can buy each pack individually or as a set. I opted for this three pack set (I initially bought one lone pack but of course decided that only five colors wasn’t enough!)

These highlighters are so versatile in my journal. I can use them on almost every page and never get sick of them. The possibilities are truly endless! They add just enough color without overpowering the page. Another bonus is that they’re double sided. A wide chisel tip on one side and a fine point tip on the other.

Here are a few ways I use my highlighters in my bujo…

Headlines and titles

This is my most common use for them. I used to write out my titles with my black pen and then color in with markers but it was super time consuming. Using the highlighters instead is quick and easy. I also love the simple clean look of them. I  sometimes also pretend to be fancy with the chisel tipped side and test out my lettering skills.

Bucket lists in the bullet journal for seasons!

Borders and decoration

Sometimes I like to add simple borders without too much effort – highlighters are the perfect match! I can create a pretty, colorful and eye catching border or decoration easily!

Keep track of your home projects with this spread


Shading and filling

Lastly is shading and filling. This one is pretty self explanatory. Occasionally I’ll use a highlighter to fill in a tracker or list or even attempt to cover up a mistake.

Add some life to your bullet journal with highlighters!

Now you all know my true love for highlighters 🙂

Who else love their highlighters?!?

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