Ballpoint Pen in the Bullet Journal?

You’ve probably been in this situation: scrolling through Instagram, swooning over beautiful calligraphy…looking at the way people can control a fountain pen with such delicacy.

But, is a fountain pen for everyone?

Do you really need fancy pens to write in a bullet journal? Some thoughts on ballpoint pens and bullet journaling.

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Think about scribbling out a note before you leave the house. “Be back at 8!” Would you use a nib pen when you are in a rush? Probably not.

Arguably, we’ve been using pens all our lives. From learning print to learning script to learning how to type. Writing is an important skill. Typing or texting doesn’t compare to sitting down and pouring thoughts into a journal or a handwritten letter.

So this poses the question, what’s the best type of pen to use? Does the best pen exist?

Do you really need fancy pens to write in a bullet journal? Some thoughts on ballpoint pens and bullet journaling.

Ballpoint pens and rollerball pens are the most common, inexpensive pens you can buy nowadays. Some fountain pens can also fit into this category, but they are typically more expensive.

Some complaints I’ve seen online talk about how boring a ballpoint pen can be, the digging marks they make, and the effort they use.

But, there are a lot of good reasons to use Ballpoint pens. Start off with how they are available almost everywhere. It’s the type of pen you get free in a hotel room and the one that you’ll definitely find under the seat of your car and still works.

Ballpoint pen in bullet journal
Jen uses a ballpoint pen in many of her spreads, especially anything that she will add to often because it’s easier to grab any pen on hand!

Not to mention they are water resistant and can write at almost all angles. I’m so used to writing a certain way with ballpoint pens that I often run into problems with the fountain pen. They’re also less likely to leak, blot. They dry way quicker and rarely smudge.

Check out this post Liz did on her favorite bullet journal pens!

Don’t get me wrong, I love fountain pens.

There are also a lot of different rollerball pens, but I definitely feel more inclined to a fountain pen when I think of my favorite pen: Uni-ball Roller Pen, Micro Point. The finer the tip, the happier I am.

So when using a fountain pen, it’s easy to see how free-flowing it can be. Thoughts feel as if they just melt onto pages while using the motion of brush strokes. Some would also argue that the fountain pen is the best for learning handwriting.

The nib definitely make it easier to free-write, but watch out for smudges when you least expect it (call in the correction tape!)

Do you really need fancy pens to write in a bullet journal? Some thoughts on ballpoint pens and bullet journaling.

I also feel like I baby my fountain pen just because of the structure of it as well as how fragile it can feel in my hand. I love the way it writes, but I find myself only using it when I want something to look very professional or to the best of my ability.

I believe any writing style can look neat with any type of pen; it is all up to the owner.

In the end, the pen you chose to use is the best pen for you. If you’ve never tried a fountain pen, you should! If you’ve stopped using ballpoint pens, tell us why! We’d love to hear your opinions.

ps.. did you know you can fake calligraphy with a pen? It’s true! Learn more about fauxligraphy

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