Bullet Journal Book Spread (10 Ideas!)

I’m always getting book recommendations from people and I never know what to do with them! Usually I’ll write it on a post-it, put it in my purse or bag and of course end up losing said post-it along with the book recommendation.

It now dawned on me that I should be tracking these in my bullet journal! Enter the bullet journal book spread! I’m planning to have a few “libraries”… One for work/business recommendations and another for personal/pleasure recommendations. This way it lets me easily find what I’m looking for and see where I’m lacking in each.

Here are a few of the approaches of the book spread that I saw as I scoured the bujo community.

The book shelf spread

Bullet journal book spread

Source: Mycanadianseoul

A decorated book shelf 

Bullet journal book spread

Source: Carley Cain

Thought: you could add a drawing on each shelf for a different genre or different symbols

A minimalist book shelf

Bullet journal book spread

Source: that_journal

Or the book shelves spread

Bullet journal book lists

Source: Amelie Edomstone

The book shelf approach is great because you can make the books as small or large as you’d like to fit your library. You can also add more info if you’d like too! Such as author, genre, etc.

The box-checker spread (for all those box-checking-addicts like me!)

Bullet journal book lists

Source: Currently Stu(dying)

This book spread is also perfect for keeping track of series which is a huge plus for my pleasure reading

A list view with the author included


Source: Sarcasm and Sweet Tea

Stack of books spread

Bullet journal book lists

Source: Rebecca Hales

The flip side approach: Books I’ve read

Bullet journal book lists

Source: Collectingthemoments_onebyone

This is perfect for those serial and speed readers!

Another take on books I’ve read

Bullet journal book lists

Source: Maryj13

Lastly – if you have a ton of books… A book spread stencil!

bullet journal book list stencil

Source: Moxiedori

bullet journal book lists

How do you track books you’ve read or want to read in your journal?

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    • I finally have one that I like. I have been book journaling since 1996. I read so much, I have trouble keeping up with what I read and this helps. I found one I LOVED on Our Modern Miss Darcy. Check it out! I used that one for a while and then made my own to fit me in Pages. I like to know how many days it took me to read each book, a short summary and was it ebook/audio/paper book form.

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