Bullet Journal Glossary

Whether you’re new to bullet journaling or you’ve been doing it for a while, you probably hear words every now and then that make you go “???!?”

You’re not alone, I’ve come across quite a few like that so I figured I’d start a running bullet journal glossary to help my fellow bujo’ers!

The complete bullet journal dictionary!

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bujo |boo-joe|: short for bullet journal

spread: a layout in your bullet journal, i.e. daily spread, weekly spread, monthly spread

tracker: a spread where you track something, i.e. weight loss, habit tracker

ghosting: when you can see your pen or marker faintly through the page in your notebook

bleeding: when your pen or marker bleeds (a.k.a. shows) through your page

Bleeding vs. ghosting in the bullet journal
Ghosting vs. bleeding (in a Leuchtturm notebook)

Leuchtturm |loys-trum|: (LT1917) a popular type of notebook, comes in a variety of colors, sizes and page styles; also includes an index and numbered pages

Moleskine: another popular type of notebook, similar to the leuchtturm

Filofax: a type of notebook, bound by rings instead of traditional stitched binding like the LT1917

midori traveler’s notebook: another popular type of notebook, almost a combination of LT1917 and the filofax, you can add in as many or as little stitched notebooks that you like yet have the flexibility to move them around

dutch door layout: done by cutting your notebook page in half so you can view different pages at the same time, best described by this picture

Dutch door bullet journal layout!
Source: Choosing Bliss

washi: decorative masking tape with millions of uses in your bullet journal

What do you need help defining? Help us grow our bullet journal glossary!

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Bullet Journal Glossary

Whether you’re new to bullet journaling or you’ve been doing it for...
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  • This article might be really helpful for newbies 🙂
    But there is one mistake, which is the pronounciation of “Leuchtturm”. Since it’s a german brand, you pronounce it totally different… You can also see that it’s german by the words that are printed in the book, like the table of contents: There it says “Inhalt” at first, which is german, and AFTER that “Content”, which is obviously english and “Contenu” which is french.
    If you want to know, how to pronounce it right, just type it into google translator, choose german as the language and let it be read out to you 🙂 or just go on pronouncing it however you want, since that is, what all the other english-speaking bullet journalists do 😛

    I’m sorry if there are mistakes in my english sentences, I’m german 😛

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