Powerful Bullet Journal Gratitude Logs To Inspire Action

One of my favorite bullet journal spreads is the gratitude log. A gratitude log uses the power of positive psychology to improve overall happiness by focusing your attention on all the good in your life. The practice is simple: Every day, you write down at least one thing you are grateful for that day. This can be as simple as “a quiet moment to enjoy my coffee” or as significant as “my family”. You don’t want to over think it — just capture whatever comes to mind.

Try to use a different example every day. After you’ve done this for a month or two, I challenge you to raise the bar to two things each day.

Ultimate list of Bullet Journal Gratitude Log inspiration!!

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Now that you know what it’s all about and why, we wouldn’t be Productive and Pretty if we didn’t show you how to incorporate it into your bullet journal with style. We took to Pinterest and pulled some of our favorite results to share today.

The reverse bucket list…
It’s a simple layout that lets you reflect on all of the amazing things you have accomplished over the years. Most people create bucket lists, which can lead to an overwhelming sadness when looking back on those adventures still left untouched. This gives you the opportunity to reflect on the happiness you have already experienced in life.

I’ve got a pocket full of sunshine…
This design brings a smile to my face! Draw a sun in your journal and between the rays of sunshine you write your one thing a day you are thankful for. This design is sure to warm up your day!

Back to basics…
These designs are basic, but efficient. They allow for little artistic skills but will still bring a lively perspective to the page.

The happiness box…
This design is for anyone who doesn’t like to leave empty space on their pages. Happiness is bound to pour out when you look back on these full pages of all the amazing things in your life.

Gratitude calendar…
What I love about this page is that you have space in each of the days to get a little more creative with it. Not only writing what you are thankful for but adding drawings and stickers to liven it up! I would suggest putting this page after your calendar for the month. That way if you are feeling overwhelmed with what you have to do during the month you will be forced to bring yourself back and focus on the good.

Why there is something to be grateful for…
This page is great because it allows you to focus purely one one thing that you are grateful for and all the reasons why. If there is one topic or person in your life that seems to be drawing negativity out of you this is a good way to look at this situation daily with a positive attitude and change your mindset.

Head in the clouds…
This is one time that you will feel good having your head in the clouds!

What is the most creative gratitude log you’ve seen or used?


Cari Edwards is an adventure-seeker and lover of travel, soaking up every last minute of her 20’s. She works in marketing and radio by day, and shares her wild experiences on her blog by night over at One More Go Around. Follow her on Instagram @onemoregoaround.

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