Bullet Journal Habit Trackers

I find it hard to stay on track unless someone is keeping me accountable or I’m actually tracking it. Habit trackers in my bullet journal have been a great way to do this. My favorite tracker is in my weekly spread.

Habit trackers for your bullet journal or planner!

This helps me keep what I’m tracking top of mind when I look at my journal everyday. Some weeks I only track a few items and other weeks it can be up to 5 or 6. Six is my absolute max or else I’m better off not tracking at all because I get too overwhelmed and don’t do anything!

Since I figured there’s probably others out there who want to track more or different things I decided to find 10 of the best habit trackers on the internet!

Monthly habit tracker

bullet journal monthly habit tracker

Source: Boho Berry

Monthly habit tracker – categories

I really love these categories because they help you stay super organized (surprise!) and get focused in on certain areas. For example if my goal for the month was to increase
Habit tracker in the bullet journal!

Source: Anna Thomassen

Monthly habit tracker – itemized

bullet journal monthly habit tracker

Source: Rachel

Monthly habit tracker – printable

Habit tracker in the bullet journal! Source: Dee Decade Thirty/Etsy

Monthly habit tracker – in the monthly spreadHabit tracker in the bullet journal!

Source: The Cursive Bird

Monthly habit tracker – itemized, calendar layoutHabit tracker in the bullet journal!

Source: ItsSarahAnn


Weekly habit tracker (in the dailies)


Source: Jess Learns Things

Weekly Habit Tracker (in the weekly layout)
I really like having a weekly tracker because it keeps things top of mind and I’m not overwhelmed with too many items. I also like having the flexibility to change things from week to week.

Weekly habit track in the bullet journal!


Single habit tracker stickers

bullet journal habit tracker stickers

Source: The Geeky Planner/Etsy


How do you track your habits in your journal?

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