Bullet Journal Home Projects Spread

I always have home projects going on in my house. Whether it’s a project that I’ve already started or one that I want to tackle.

Having all these projects makes it tough to keep track of my progress though so I decided to track it in my bullet journal!

Keep track of your home projects with this spread


When I first decided to start tracking my home projects in my bullet journal, I basically just had lists.

home projects bullet journal spread

As you can see, these were pretty unorganized. I never really checked anything off because it was so haphazard. So that’s when I decided to begin my search for a new spread.

The only tracker I found (which I ended up using as inspiration) was this one…

Track your home projects in your bullet journal with this spread!

Source: Molly Eleen

What I love about this spread is that it breaks my projects down by room or area of my house.

My plan is to use this spread for “home” only items. Which to me means anything that increases the value of my home if I were to sell. I’ll create a different spread for decorating and craft projects for my home.

This spread is also awesome because if you’re a visual person (like me!) it helps you remember what’s top of mind in what area. This way, when I go to Lowe’s I can think of the back yard and remember I want to install a new screen door, gutter covers and a new basement hatch door (among many others!) but those are priority at the moment.

Another way to prioritize projects in this spread is by cost. For example the back yard projects I mentioned above I would have listed gutter covers first, and then screen door and lastly basement hatch door.

Ranking them this way makes it easy to see what I can fit in the budget and get done versus what I need to start saving for (looking at you basement hatch!)

home projects in the bullet journal

Do you track your home projects in your bujo? If you do – share your spreads with me so I can add them to my post!

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  • Love the visual layout. My boyfriend is doing a full house renovation while we’re living in the house, so there’s a lot of chaos and a lot of projects going on. I want to help keep us organized and I think this might be a great idea for us.

    Thanks for your lovely visual.

    • Thanks, Lauren! I have a love-hate relationship with projects and living through the chaos… love the process and the outcome but hate living through it. Good luck with all your renovations!

  • I am SUCH a visual person and haven’t even heard of a Bujo until now. My sister (the planner) is like, “Oh, yeah, I know what that is.”

    I’m definitely intrigued by this because I love putting pen to paper, but I’m not really consistent with anything but lists and bullet points. I have an Erin Condren Life Planner, and I love it (and planner stickers!), but it’s a little more structure than I need.

    Seriously considering this method.

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