Bullet Journal Meal Planning Spread for Moms

I recently mentioned to another mom that bullet journaling keeps me sane. It’s true! I work mostly from home, and with a little child at home to take care of plus a school going child, life gets a bit insane at times while trying to juggle work, home and family.

When I wake up in the morning to prepare breakfast and my child’s lunchbox, my brain doesn’t seem to wake up with the rest of me. That means that sometimes I get worked up trying to think of ideas of what to serve for breakfast, and what to pack for my child’s school lunchbox.

Bullet Journal Meal Planning Spread for Moms  (or yourself!)

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I’ve been mulling over a bullet journal spread which would help me and I finally found one that works!


Bullet Journal Meal Planning Spread for Moms  (or yourself!)
You’ll see that my spread consists of 3 sections:

  • Breakfast
  • Snacks
  • Lunchbox Ideas

Planning Breakfast in the Bullet Journal

If you look closely, I’ve divided the Breakfast column into E, N and S – these are initials for me and my two children. Then you can divide this section into blocks spanning the E, N and S columns.

For example, if all 3 of us prefer Peanut Butter on Toast, then I would create a block spanning all 3 columns. Further down the section, I’ve listed breakfasts suitable for both the children (but not for me) like ‘weetbix with milk’ or ‘fairy bread’, so these meals only span the columns for my children.

Even further, I’ve listed breakfast options which only apply to me (under the column labelled ‘S’.

You can set it out however you like, there are no rules in the world of bullet journaling!

Planning Snacks in the Bullet Journal

I developed this section primarily for my hungry stay at home child, who is constantly demanding snacks! Most of the time I forget healthy snack options to feed him, so I would just hand him some prepackaged option which is more convenient and I don’t have to think too much about it.

On the other hand, I would rather have a list of healthy snacks in front of me so that I don’t have to rack my brains at the time and he ends up eating healthy. Win-win situation, I say!

You’ll see that I have also divided these snacks into a Light and heavy section so that I can choose the type of snack depending on how hungry my child is.

Planning Lunchbox Ideas in the Bullet Journal

Finally, this section is a lifesaver for me! Sometimes I come up with new healthy inventions for my child’s lunchbox (like the chicken jaffle w/mayo and sriracha sauce) which my daughter would love, but a few weeks later, I would have forgotten about it.

This list helps me remember all the lunch options in the morning when I’m (usually) in a hurry to prepare my child’s lunch. On the right, it also shows if I need to prep some of the ingredients the night before.

The best thing about these spreads is that I’ve done them on the back pages of the journal which are perforated, so if I decide to, I could easily tear these off and stick these on the fridge.

I hope I’ve given moms (and dads) out there some help in organizing their morning breakfast routines, and would love to see posts inspired by this one!

Bullet Journal Meal Planning Spread for Moms  (or yourself!)

For more meal planning ideas, check out this post on meal planning with the bullet journal as well.


“SamiaSamia Khan is a mompreneur and shuttles between Sydney and Dubai where she operates a distribution business. She also moonlights as an artist who incorporates both English and Arabic calligraphy in various mediums. After trying various strategies for productivity over the years, she stumbled upon Bullet Journaling in December 2015. She then found that it was the best solution to managing her multiple roles as a mother, entrepreneur and an artist! Follow her on Instagram @SamiaKhanArts

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