Keeping Track of Memories & Milestones in the Bullet Journal

As a busy working mom of two, the organization that my bullet journal has brought to my daily life is incredible. I’ve never had a planner that has kept me on track, that I’ve actually stuck with, and that has fulfilled my need to make things pretty!

Aside from the organization, tracking memories and milestones for our family is one of my favorite parts of bullet journaling; It gives me a place to look back on all of the incredible things happening as our family continues to grow. Our daughters are 12 months and 12 days apart, so we are constantly looking back on Melody’s milestones to anticipate Macy’s upcoming milestones, like her first tooth!

Great ideas for keeping memories in the bullet journal

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Not sure where to start? Here are three easy ways to stay on top of these special moments:

Use Your Dailies

Leave space in your dailies, whether they are done day by day OR with a weekly layout because little moments happen constantly. It’s nice to look back on and remember when special things happen.

Bullet Journal & capturing memories within your dailies

Love to make things pretty? Find a fun font to write it in, add some color, and find a simple clipart to draw.

Great ideas for keeping memories in the bullet journal

Not much of an artist? I always enlist my good friend ‘Google image search’ for my attempts at drawing. I’ll take you back to the first tooth example, since we are anxiously awaiting it’s arrival. I simply type “tooth clipart” into Google image search and scroll until I find the simplest option to copy! There are times I even sneak my phone behind the page and trace it!

Create Dedicated Memory Pages

Whoever came up with the monthly memories page is a genius. It is a time commitment, but one that you can make manageable.

Great ideas for keeping memories in the bullet journal

Keep a sticky note on your memories page or make a spread where you can jot down things you’d like to add for the month. At the end of the month I dedicate an evening to setting up my next month’s spreads. I also use this time to complete the current month’s memories page! Again, for my lack of confidence with artistic abilities, Google image search is a must for giving this spread some flair.

Start Tracking Baby Book Tasks

How many moms have you heard utter the phrase “I never finished (insert child’s name here)’s baby book!” It is a daunting task, but one that is so worth it. Creating a spread to keep me on track has been key for keeping up on both girls’ baby books.
Paging through the book itself had me completely overwhelmed but taking the time to break it down into small chunks has made it much more manageable. Instead of paging through the entire baby book and seeing how much isn’t complete, I hop over to my spread and pick a few tasks I want to complete. Tack on being able to check things off the list and voila: I feel so much more productive!

GREAT IDEA! Tracking baby book tasks

Another way my bullet journal has helped make this process easier is that I’m constantly writing things that happen with our girls in my dailies.

The baby book I purchased has a full page of “Baby’s First’s” so when it came time to fill out this page, there was no question about when these moments happened because they were all in my bullet journal. All I had to do was flip through to find these EXACT days rather than guess (because really… who can remember off the top of their head when their child’s first fever is?).

How do you use your bullet journal for capturing memories?


Jenna Meyers is a Reading Recovery and Title teacher for Kindergarten and First Graders. She lives in Fargo, North Dakota with her husband of 4.5 years (who was also her high school sweetheart), two rambunctious wiener dogs, and two young daughters. Melody (18 months) is small in stature but big in personality and Macy (6 months) is sweet, smiley, and has the most luscious cheeks! Jenna has been a bujo addict for one year and is not only thankful for the organization that it’s brought to her work and personal life, but for the community it comes along with. Follow her on Instagram @MeyersMadness22.

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  • For my memories page I do the whole layout in powerpoint and then I print it out and paste it into my bullet journal with washi tape.

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