Bullet Journal Spread for Kitchen Remodel

We are excited to share this post with you today, because as you know we are both constantly working on various home renovations and projects, but also because we love bringing attention to unique ways to use your bullet journal! Today we have Tina from upgradesign.blog sharing tips for using the bullet journal to help design a kitchen remodel. – Jen

When working for our private clients, we constantly get phone calls with questions like: “I’m choosing tiles for my bathroom at the store right now, how much did you say I have to buy?” or “What’s the maximum width of the sink, I’ve just found the one I like, but I don’t know if it fits.

You see, remodels can be pretty overwhelming even if you hired an architect, but especially if you’re doing it by yourself. We don’t mind those questions, after all, they come from our clients, but things can get pretty messy if we’re not at the office and we simply can’t look up for the information.

The truth is, they have all the information they need, written and drawn inside of a project we made for them, but interior design project is an entire book of details, plans, materials, explanations, dimensions and lists of expenses. It is not practical, nor is made for carrying around – luckily, bullet journal is both.

How you can use your bullet journal to plan a remodel!

How to create bullet journal spread for kitchen remodel:

Draw a layout

The floor plan will help you figure out how many elements fit in your kitchen. Depending on how deep you want to dive in remodeling, keep in mind positions of a plumbing system, gas, and electric installations. Also, don’t forget about “working triangle” to make sure your kitchen will be functional.

Planning a remodel with your bullet journal!


Drawing elevations is a great way to create a specific place for each and every item you’ll eventually put in your kitchen cabinets. It may sound like over-planning, but it could save you so much time in the future – in the end, you’ll have a clutter-free kitchen and you won’t buy anything unnecessary.

Also, while drawing, you’ll remember to think about design – what kind of knobs you want in case you want them, how high you think cabinet toe should be (in case you opted for custom made cabinets), or what colors and materials you want to use.

Planning a remodel with your bullet journal!

List of expenses

List of expenses is the most important part. This is where you put down in one place everything you have to buy, the amount you need, even price, in order to have control in overall cost. It is always a good idea to set a budget for remodel (even then everything seems to cost more than you expected) – and with the list of expenses, you can easily choose where you want to spend less and where it’s ok to spend more.

Planning a remodel with your bullet journal!

This spread is more than just a cute and informative shopping list for stores such is Ikea. Looking at it from architect’s point of view, it would be amazing if you did something like this before hiring architect or designer (or contractor for that matter) – knowing what you want is a great way to start a project.

We suggest you draw in pencil and switch things around before final decision. Play with it for a while until you find the perfect solution – that’s what interior design is all about. Looking for kitchen remodel tips? Check out how to design a functional kitchen over on Tina’s blog!


We are Petra and Tina, two aunts, architects and blog partners at upgradesign.blog. Our mission is to provide simple, useful and inspirational tips to help our readers design functional, clutter-free and beautiful personal space.

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