Bullet Journal Tabs

People often ask me about my journal when they see me pull it out (or hanging out of my bag), and I love telling them all about the Bullet Journal addiction!

The other day, I was giving someone a flip through of my journal, and was trying to quickly find my monthly spreads. I realized this was the one thing I missed about my Erin Condren planner.

Bullet Journal Tabs
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While I didn’t want the big tabs sticking out (which you can actually buy to insert in your journal if that is your thing), I did want something to identify those pages to me.

I’ve seen some great examples on Pinterest of people using highlighters or pens to flag them, but I had a feeling the perfectionist in me would end up ‘messing up’ and hating it somehow. I’ve also seen people use washi tape folded over, but I noticed that doing that often resulted in the journal sort of fanning out towards the edges.

Then I saw someone on Pinterest use these big color coding dots to flag their monthly spreads. BRILLIANT.

Bullet Journal Tabs

Still being concerned with the journal fanning (I’m not even sure thats the right word for it?), I decided to try one of the mini-dots instead. The exact ones I used are these Avery Removable Color Coding Labels in neon.

If you don’t want something bright they have it in more traditional solid colors as well. These bigger rectangular ones also look pretty cool – I may try these for future journals along the top of the pages!

Back to the process, I just picked one spot per color (for the first color tag, it’s between the first two dots) and just folded the sticker around the edge of the page.

The verdict?

Bullet Journal Tabs

They don’t take up too much real-estate from my page, they are fun to look at, they help me find what I need quickly, and so far there is no bulking or fanning of my journal.

I don’t use them on every page. In fact, at filming I only was using them to flag blog related pages, and now I’ve also added a new color for monthly spreads. The obsessive in me wishes I had put the monthly first, but I don’t actually care enough to move them (they are removable).

Bullet Journal Tabs

Share any of your tabbing tips / tricks in the comments below!

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