Steal-worthy Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

When I started bullet journaling, I really tried to commit to using ‘dailies’. I was in awe of their beauty as I feverishly searched Pinterest for ideas before cracking open my purple Moleskin. Weather trackers. Time trackers. Moon trackers. Hand lettering. Color coding. OH MY!

I was so excited to get started and jumped in with both feet. My first daily was magnificent, pretty, and filled with every tracker you can imagine.

Steal worthy bullet journal weekly spread ideas!!

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However, life happened and I quickly discovered that ‘dailies’ just weren’t for me.

I prefer to see my week at a glance, and I often have things in mind for a few days ahead that I need to get down on paper. Now many people have developed alternative methods to make dailies more manageable, like a brain dump spread or keeping them simple. I chose to move towards weekly layouts instead.

Over the summer I decided to try a new weekly layout, without repeating any, for 6 weeks.
Through lots of trial and error, I have found layouts that worked and layouts that were better off never being drawn.

Let’s take a look at three of my favorites, ranging from most complex to simple in terms of time to set up:

Most Complex: Dutch Door

Steal Worthy Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas!! Dutch door

Steal Worthy Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas!! Dutch door

Although this is a weekly layout, it essentially follows the “daily” style with a little prep work at the beginning of the week. It fulfills my need to have a very visually appealing layout, but it took more time than any other daily I tried. I referenced @alexandraplans Youtube video ( on how to set up this layout before I tried it myself.

My first attempt was…. Interesting. After measuring the area to cut out at the top, I used a scissors to cut down at the binding. I found that using a scissors didn’t allow me to get close enough to the center of my Leuchhterm, so it left a tiny edge of paper. (It was small, but it drove me crazy!)

I reached out to people both on Instagram and Facebook on better methods and combined a few to find what worked for me: a box cutter and a small piece of cardboard. It gave me the smoothest cut, without cutting through extra pages, and left no edges behind!

Mediocre Complexity: Grid layout

I stuck to this weekly layout for about 2 months after my trial run of changing things up! I love that I have space to add doodles or special events, can add washi tape to the top, bottoms, or sides to liven it up, and can add water and meal trackers if I choose.

Steal Worthy Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas!!

My favorite part is that my weekly events, like appointments, meetings, and events, are separate from my tasks for each day. Why did I quit using this? Time. I’m currently in my busiest time of year for work and personal life, so I needed to take a break and simplify things. Which brings me to my current weekly layout.

Keeping It Simple

I refuse to give up on bullet journaling, even when life is crazy, so this layout has been a life saver! Draw a couple lines, throw on some washi tape because I like it to be pretty, and I’m ready to roll!

Steal worthy bullet journal weekly spread ideas!!

I actually timed myself this week, and set up took 9 minutes! Definitely something I can handle, especially while sitting in bed catching up on my DVR. I don’t like that my events aren’t separate from my tasks, but adding color coding to my symbols has helped differentiate the two.

All in all, I have stuck to weekly layouts for quite some time! They help me see my week at a glance, allow me to plan ahead with tasks, and can be customized for my weekly needs; the type of layout simply depends on life (and time).

What weekly layout has worked best for you?


Jenna Meyers is a Reading Recovery and Title teacher for Kindergarten and First Graders. She lives in Fargo, North Dakota with her husband of 4.5 years (who was also her high school sweetheart), two rambunctious wiener dogs, and two young daughters. Melody (18 months) is small in stature but big in personality and Macy (6 months) is sweet, smiley, and has the most luscious cheeks! Jenna has been a bujo addict for one year and is not only thankful for the organization that it’s brought to her work and personal life, but for the community it comes along with. Follow her on Instagram @MeyersMadness22.

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