Bullet Journal: Weight Loss Tracker

My New Year’s Resolution this year was to lose a few pounds. So I figured my bullet journal would be the perfect place to track my progress! Don’t have a bullet journal yet or don’t know what it is? Check out this page.

bullet journal weight loss tracker

I track a few things in my bujo… First is my actual weight loss, which I created this tracker for…

Bullet Journal: Weight Loss Tracker

I wanted to make it a journey because it is! I thought it was also important to break it out into key milestones – I did -5 pounds, but it’s what works for you at YOUR pace.

Another important thing to remember is don’t give yourself crazy deadlines… I didn’t give myself any deadlines, just a start date. I also needed to incentivize myself so at each milestone (-5 pounds) I give myself a reward. I was very tempted to make my rewards something like “a pint of Ben & Jerry’s” or “all the Moe’s/Chipotle I want” but food rewards are counterproductive.

Instead I made my rewards about other things I’m excited about. As you can see my first milestone was a new yoga mat, my next one is new gym capris, after that sneakers and a new fountain pen! Make your rewards something you’re excited about and it’ll make it easier to put the cookies down or get up and talk a walk!

Bullet Journal: Weight Loss Tracker

Next is tracking my activity, I do this in my bujo and with the help of my Fitbit ChargeHR. I have a weekly tracker in each weekly spread. Usually my activity item in my tracker is just “gym” – getting to the gym, every day! But sometimes (when I’m traveling, or know I’m going to have a crazy week) I put “10,000 steps” in my tracker for the week so I push myself to get up and do something even if it’s not going to the gym, I always feel accomplished when I feel my Fitbit do it’s happy dance when I’ve reached goal for the day.

Then I get even more excited that I can cross it off in my bujo tracker! Here are a few samples of my weekly trackers…

Bullet Journal: Weight Loss Tracker

How do you use your bujo to reach a weight loss or activity goal?

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