Bullet Journal for Work

Since I started bullet journaling I’ve had a great internal debate about whether or not I should include work. There is no such thing as work-life balance but integration, so I started dabbling with some different spreads. Here are some of my own spreads that I’ve tried and some that I plan to try!

bullet journal for work

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Here is one of my simpler spreads. Normally I would include a column for meals or workouts but instead added one for work. Here I just put major meetings or things happening at work.


Here’s a different take on including work, the dutch door layout! It would be awesome to include your weekly schedule up top and then your dailies in the below pages.

Bullet journal for work! Dutch door style
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Kimberly from Sublime Reflection has a great layout that would be perfect if you have a few high priority projects that you need to track all week.

Bullet Journal for work! Weekly work spread
(image source)

Jessica from Pretty Prints and Paper has a beautifully combined work/personal system and she did a whole post about her process.

bullet journal for work
(image source)

Last but not least is my spread that was adapted by a co-worker with a little bit of GTD added in!

Bullet journal for work! With a little GTD added in!

Bullet Journal Supply Spotlight

Do you bujo for work? What kind of spread do you use?’

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  • I just started BUJO-ing at work. We’re a bit understaffed at the moment so I have to learn a lot and fast. So every new thing I learn I write in my BUJO and put it in the index. Writing things down is my way of learning so… I’ learning a lot lately…

  • So, I’d really love to see more about how you use your Bullet Journal at work, if you do.

    My day job is 40-50 hours in the financial services industry, and I need all the help I can get to keep myself organized.

    • I’m sure you’re rocking it! Make sure to follow us on instagram – that’s where you’ll see our latest and greatest stuff. I’ll try to make sure I’m putting more work spreads and such out there!

  • I actually tried to integrate work and personal life, but I really couldn’t do it!
    SO i decided to keep a bujo for personal life and personal projects (a mini business I have going), and a separate one for work, since it does involve recording pretty much everything I do!
    But these look amazing… I’m tempted to try them!

      • Hey Liz! I think it’s a lot better to keep them separated. Plus, in my line of work, I don’t have to take my job home, so my bujos never get mixed up 😉

          • well everybody has a notebook, as we take notes during meetings. But they always think I’m overdoing it, since I write EVERYTHING I do, just in case.
            Last week the power went out, and I was the only one 100% sure of what I had and hadn’t done!
            So now, a lot of coworkers actually keep a sorta’ bujo, just in case! XD

            I’m also starting a wedding bujo soon, as my bf and I plan on getting marries next year! any tips ons this (or an entry) would be suuuper helpful 🙂 )

  • Really enjoyed this inspiration! Thank you for sharing. Right now, I don’t have enough responsibility at my day job to bujo, but I want to start utilizing one for my blog and side business. I’m struggling though because I want to also incorporate different journaling aspects too. Definitely going to check out what bujo supplies you recommend!

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    • Jes, I used to keep notes from meetings in my notebook under that day. Then, I got a new position where I work on multiple projects at a time, and now I find it easier to keep separate notebooks for separate projects but to have some notes from general misc. meetings in my bullet journal. . I think it depends a lot on the nature of your work and how your projects are organized.

  • I keep two journals: 1) work 2) & not

    Meeting notes are embedded right in; i.e. I will take minutes for a meeting today, center three # signs, and then start in with the meeting name at the left margin. I use the same signifiers–a box for a to-do, hyphen for key point, etc. And when the meeting ends I will put another set of three pound signs, and just keep on going.
    For example

    # # #
    Vision Team Bulleted notes here.
    # # #

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