10 Bullet Journal YouTube Accounts You Should Be Following

It’s time to be honest. Who hasn’t looked up something on YouTube before?

Sometimes video content can be more helpful than step-by-step articles. Now, combine this with footage of someone’s bullet journal and we are all in heaven! So many of our favorite bullet journalists who flourish on blogs and Instagram even dabble into YouTube.

10 Bullet Journalers you should be following on YouTube!

So here’s a list of some you can start following right away. Don’t forget to check out our new channel as well and show some love! We are planning to do a lot more video in the near future.

Boho Berry on YouTube

Kara | Boho Berry: I’m sure you’ve heard of Kara before in the bullet journal community. But have you checked out her YouTube videos? Since I’m still new at bullet journaling, I’ve googled a bunch of newbie searches. Ranging from example set ups to “what’s the best pen?” and I’ve almost always come up with Kara’s blog. Her posts are in depth and helpful, but I wouldn’t hesitate to watch some of her videos and take a peek into her bullet journal!

Alexandra Plans on YouTube

Alexandra | Alexandra Plans: Alexandra who also goes by Alexandra Plans, is a teacher and bullet journal enthusiast who loves to occasionally doodle! She uses her YouTube to show monthly flip-throughs, plan with me, as well as her tips for teachers.

The Coffee Monsterz Co YouTube

TheCoffeeMonsterzCO | Helen:  Helen from TheCoffeeMonsterzCO has some of the cutest spreads featuring lots of stickers and frilly fonts. She makes videos about doodles, hand lettering, plan with me and also behind the scenes!

Pretty Prints and Paper on YouTube

Jessica | Pretty Prints & Paper:  Looking to improve your calligraphy? Jessica from Pretty Prints & Paper uploads videos specifically showing how she writes each letter in the alphabet. She also displays a variety of setups that you can use for work, blogging or social media.

Plannerholics on YouTube

Esther | Planner Holics: Esther otherwise known as Planner Holics has loads of fun content on her YouTube and blog. She uses lots of stickers, frames and paint to make her pages come alive.

TheRachelMark YouTube

Rachel | Therachmark: Rachel also known as Therachmark creates YouTube videos about the planning that goes on in her Erin Condren journal. Her videos are mainly centered on plan with me, but she throws in Hauls from time to time. You are kidding yourself if you don’t enjoy watching the occasional haul.

Studyign on Youtube

Sareena | Studyign: There is just something beautiful about stationery (#stationeryaddicts) and if you’ve  seen studyign’s Instagram account…you have to check out her YouTube especially if you are in school. Her accounts mainly focus on school planning and studying. She also posts about the best materials and brands, being productive (!!), planning videos and even “study with me” videos where she extensively shows her notes and how she studies. Don’t forget to check out her bullet journal playlist!

RachelEl YouTube

Rachel El: Rachel El lives a minimalistic lifestyle and her YouTube video is the essence of  that. She has a specific section for Bullet Journal videos: plan with me, flip throughs and weekly spreads. If you want to get inspiration on how to live more minimalistic, definitely check out her channel.

Carrie Crista YouTube

Carrie Crista: Carrie Crista focuses on three things: health, beauty and bullet journaling. Sometimes she even combines them! As for her planning videos, she focuses on: Flip-throughs, tips, plan with me, and weekly/monthly spreads!

Heather Styles Life Youtube

Heather | Heather Styles Life : Heather from Heather Styles Life recently started making YouTube videos about her bullet journal, but if you love listening to extensive walk-throughs, check her out!

Cindy on YouTube

Cindy Guentert-Baldo: Cindy is a must follow for both beautiful (and hot mess) bullet journal spreads, on top of some AMAZING lettering tutorials.

Who did we miss on YouTube? Let us know in the comments! 

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