DIY Ikea Wall Diaper Organizer

When we had my first daughter, we were given a traditional changing table with shelves underneath. This was perfect for her as a newborn; we could put all of our diapering supplies on the shelves below her changing pad. As she got older and started walking, we moved everything to an end table that happened to live next to the changing table.  This was just slightly out of reach for her and she showed no interest in any of it.

Fast forward to baby #2. Our daughter was now two and a half and desperately wanting to be Mama’s big helper. She would leverage the couch to get the supplies off of the table. Sometimes she would pass them to me, but often I’d catch her wiping windows with the clean burp cloths, using wipes to clean her chalk board (she takes after her Mama), smearing vaseline all over herself, or changing her dolls diapers. We had to find a solution that would keep her out of the goods.

diaper organizer

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We knew we needed something mounted above the table because that was basically the only safe place. I did a lot of searching and it seemed like most people used a shelf. The problem with that is that the depth for what we needed would leave us hitting our heads on it if we bent over to tend to the baby. I also didn’t love the idea of that hovering over her.

diaper organizer

Then I remembered Ikea’s hanging system, commonly used in the kitchen. We almost bought some when we moved into our house and spent a lot of time checking them out so we knew right away it would be a good fit.


For safety, since this would be above our newborn, we made sure we mounted these into studs. Additionally, we man-handled them a bit to make sure they could withstand a rushed parent.

Please triple check this and then check again to make sure there is no way it can fall because you may have a different wall-type than we do. 

diaper organizer

The newborn uses a lot more diapers than our toddler who is also potty-training, so we dedicated one entire long one to newborn diapers, a small one to powder and diaper rash cream, half of another big one to toddler pull-up’s , and vaseline stacked in the other half.

diaper organizerWe keep the wipes right on the edge of the table since we need those right at hand level due to blow outs. Yes, we’re in that fun phase.

I hope this can help others struggling with a diaper supply stealing toddler, or anyone with limited space needing to maximize!

How do you organize diapers and supplies?

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DIY Ikea Wall Diaper Organizer

When we had my first daughter, we were given a traditional changing...
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