Dinner Ideas in the Bullet Journal

I don’t know about you, but when faced with having to throw together dinner I am usually stumped. It’s funny, because I certainly have my go-to meals, my favorites, or things I’ve tried a few times in the past. But the moment I find myself pondering ‘what should I make tonight?’ my mind goes blank.

My husband is great about remembering things — “hey, remember that pear stuffed pork you made once? That was good“.

Me? Not so much. I can’t remember what we had for dinner last night.

Dinner Ideas in the Bullet Journal - How to keep a running list so you are never stumped as to what to make!

After being inspired on Instagram and Pinterest with people listing their favorite meals in their Bullet Journal, I decided it was time to create my own meal index as well.

I knew I needed a place to go to remind myself of the options that I know I like. While my husband will eat just about anything, I have a lot of food allergies and I am really picky so being thoughtful about what I pick is important to me and necessary for my well-being.

Otherwise, I find myself down one of two paths:

  1. Opting for take out (aka junk) which does not leave me feeling good
  2. Making the same thing for dinner every night — a boring combination of plain basics

Cue my inner infomercial voice — there’s got to be a better way!  

There is not much to this spread. I sat down and started listing off my favorite dinners, go-to dinners, dinners I’d like to make more of, etc.

Dinner Ideas in the Bullet Journal - How to keep a running list so you are never stumped as to what to make!

The columns don’t mean anything, my goal was just to have a very full list when I have completed this. I also wanted to make sure there was plenty of room to grow, because I add to this regularly as old meals pop to mind, or when I try something new that I know I’ll make again.

Now, any time I find myself stumped on what to make, I’ll flip to this spread this for some inspiration and ideas. Oh and that adorable little utensils doodle was made from a stencil from MoxiDori on Etsy!

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  • I’ve been meaning to make a food-spread kinda like this for a while too! I’ve seen a lot of them over the web; some color-coded for the seasons, the type of meal, etc… So many ideas, so little time lol! I need to get working on it. But I really like the simplicity of yours. 🙂

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