DIY Bullet Journal Pen Loop (Easy Tutorial!)

I have the “official” Leuchtturm pen loop however it only holds one pen! that wasn’t working for me, I like to carry at least 3 pens – my Lamy, staedtler and a highlighter. So I started to research other options but I really didn’t want to spend more than $5 on a pen loop and a pouch seemed too excessive for everyday carry. So I searched for some inspiration and realized that it would be easy to make my own!

Easy DIY bullet journal pen loop! Make your own pen loop in 20 minutes or less with just 3 materials!

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For about $1 I was able to make this awesome pen loop. I made three slots but you can really have as many or as little as you like – that’s the beauty of it! (They also make great gifts since you’ll have extra elastic 🙂 )

DIY Bullet Journal Pen Loop! Make your own pen loop in 20 minutes or less!


  • 1″ elastic (similar, Jo-Ann Fabrics has different colors/kinds)
  • Thread (I used this kind but it’s cheaper in stores)
  • Needle
  • Lighter (optional)

DIY Bullet journal Pen Loop! All you need are three items to make this awesome pen loop!

I already had the thread and needles so I just needed the elastic, it was about $3 for 3 yards at Jo-Ann Fabrics. They had a bunch of different colors and varieties so pick what works for you! (Note: I hand sewed my loop but you could definitely use a sewing machine – I’m not very savvy with the machine)

Step 1: Start by wrapping the elastic around your journal, note where you’d like the loop to close. This was about 12.5″ inches for my LT1917.

Step 2: Close the loop and pin to hold – then begin sewing. I did two lines of stitching for extra strength when it’s continuously stretched.

DIY Bullet Journal Pen Loop! Make your own pen loop in 20 minutes or less with only 3 items!

Step 3: Once you have sewed the initial loop, you will now begin creating the pen loops. I found that 0.5″ inches was a good spacing for the loops. At the desired spacing sew two more lines of stitching.

Step 4: Repeat step 3 for how many loops you’d like to have.

DIY Bullet Journal Pen Loop! Make your own pen loop in under 20 minutes!

Step 5: Once you have the desired amount of loops sewn, cut the excess elastic.

(Optional) Step 6: To prevent fraying, use a lighter to briefly melt each end of the elastic.

You’re done! Now you can enjoy your new pen loop!


Did you try making your own? Let me know how it worked out for you!

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