Dollar General Beauty Haul

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

You read that correctly; I purchased beauty products at a dollar store. Believe me, I was hesitant. I am a self-proclaimed makeup and beauty product snob. I regularly spend $20+ on a single product like mascara, I’m pretty sure my eyebrow pencil costs more than most peoples hair dryer, and I’ve had both Birch Box and Ipsy memberships. It’s ridiculous, and I know it’s ridiculous on some level, but I always end up justifying my purchases because, well, it’s my face. But, I was intrigued. dollar-generalMy sister decided to join me on the excursion to dollar general because she was all ‘what the what they sell beauty products?’ My friends, they do. And it’s not what you are thinking. I walked in with low expectations, and was really surprised with the selection. It wasn’t all no-name brands (although, there were some of those) but instead I saw brands I know and see in other stores. dollar-general-mascara dollar-general3 There a great selection of BB Creams and foundations (in names you recognize). dollar-general1 … A huge spread of nail supplies, including these amazing polishes which I’ll come back to later. dollar-general4 … Almost an entire aisle of products and accessories! Again – names you know and would pick up at your local big box store. dollar-general2 dollar-general5

You can Find these products and more at Dollar General Here is what we walked away with: dollar-general-haul1 I’m not going to speak to every product, although all of it exceeded expectations. I immediately tried the gel polish, and this was MUCH higher quality than I was expecting. Seriously, I have the Essie Gel Setter and I actually think this rivals it. Don’t judge my short nails and neutral color choice – I’m a busy Mom and I can wear it longer if the eventual chips are subtle! dollar-general-nailpolish I also played around with this face mask. They had a few options and I went with the Charcoal Scrub Mask. I’ve never used a mask that was also a scrub, so it took some adjusting, but oh my gosh did my skin feel amazing after. I think it honestly left my skin feeling as good as those expensive masks have.dollar-general-face-mask Then there was the lipstick. dollar-general-lipstick You wouldn’t know this, but my sister is a lipstick addict. So she grabbed some colors to try. The next day, I got this text from her.

“These are JUST as good as any of the big brand names I’ve used. They are matte and layer well. And talk about productive — these lasted ALL day. I’m only taking it off now (hours from her earlier text) because I want to try another color”

dollar-general-cari So there you have it. The day the beauty-product snob shopped for beauty products at Dollar General and was impressed with the selection AND quality. Discover beauty products, tips and more in the Dollar General Beauty Zone. See you there. 🙂

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