Easy Bathroom Organization Ideas

Have you ever opened your bathroom cabinet and thought “Oh my god what is even in here?!” Well that used to be me. My bathroom cabinet was full of random medicines, bath and body products, and I won’t even mention the number of hotel and travel sized items that were scattered all over – there was no organization at all!

Easy Bathroom Organizing Ideas

When I first started  I wanted to make it simple so anyone could open it and find what they were looking for. Here’s my system…

Bathroom cabinet organization made simple!

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I have four bins that I keep in front for easy access to my most frequently used items…

  1. Beauty/Miscellaneous
  2. General/Cold/Stomach
  3. Sinus/Allergy
  4. First Aid/Poison Ivy

I got the bins from Ikea and I love them because they’re clear and deep enough to contain tall medicine bottles. I also keep a dry erase marker handy so I can write on the bin if I’m running low on something and add it to my next shopping list. I labeled them with my Brother labeler (black print on white tape).

These categories work for me but may not be right for everyone. Taking a few minutes to plan out your categories can save you a ton of time in the long run. Other categories you might want to consider when organizing your cabinet are: kid’s medicines, prescriptions, or even a container per person! You’ll also notice that I have a few other bins in the back, behind beauty is all nail supplies (polish, files, remover, etc.), the larger one in the middle is all my extras – lotion, soap, Qtips, cotton balls, etc. And lastly I keep my go to travel bag and sunscreen pouch in the corner.

Last but not least are a few of my everyday items that I like to keep on display. I got these little jar containers from Ikea, too! I keep Qtips in one, cotton balls in another, and hair ties in the last one. I love that these are easily accessible and they’re not cluttering my counter.

Easy bathroom organization jars!

How do you organize your bathroom? Share your tips and tricks in the comments!

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