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Today we are chatting with Tracy from StarWindsHowl

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what prompted you to start a bullet journal? 
I’m a home health therapist and I work all sorts of hours. Before I found out about bullet journal, I was beginning to feel frayed and scattered with all my To-Dos both at work and at home. My work caseload felt overwhelming and my home was looking like a real sty. Then one early May day, I fell into the bulletjournal.com hole… my organization and mental health has been on the upswing ever since!

Source: Starwindshowl

Why do you bullet journal over other planning systems?
Other planning systems were bulky. I liked filling in goal-related actions but it was too far removed from the months/days section. How was I supposed to incorporate these overarching goals (family, love, career, health, etc) into my normal day-to-day? Not only that, these planners were bulky and heavy, causing a physical strain in my shoulders. Those planners lasted maybe two months.

Bullet journal gives me a a birds-eye view in how to infuse my daily life with these goals and actions that I needed to take. Not only that, it gives me flexibility when a goal hasn’t been completed — “just turn the page” and rework it! Think up a new layout or new perspective! The best part of bullet journaling is how it becomes a reflection of my creativity and my life. I love adding little notes or journal entries so I can remember the important things. That’s something I never had with a regular planner.

Right now, I love having dedicated notebooks to different areas of my life. I have my regular bullet journal, then I have my work bujo (to separate private patient information and incorporate time management), and finally I have my wedding bujo (believe me, wedding planning needs a new notebook). That birds-eye view is invaluable to these three areas in my life.

Source: Starwindshowl

What are your ‘can’t live without’ tools for bullet journaling?
Other than a black pen and a notebook, I’ve also found a 6-inch ruler useful. Using colored pens is not a need, but I found my creativity and energy for bullet journaling just blossomed when I introduced color. That process puts me in a ‘zen’ mood that’s extremely relaxing when I’m planning out my pages.

Source: Starwindshowl

What is one piece of advice you have for someone just starting out?
For someone who’s just starting out — It’s OKAY to start with a simple pen and notebook. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel afraid of “ruining” your pages. That’s impossible, because your pages are you and you are perfect already. Test the waters and become comfortable developing a system just. for. you! Set a goal in the beginning — ask yourself what do YOU want out of this tool? Which areas, personal? Work? Creating new habits/goals? Finally, don’t compare, because this bullet journal will become as unique as you are.

Source: Starwindshowl

Where do you go for bullet journal inspiration?

For pure artistic inspiration, I like to go to the Bullet Journal Junkies Facebook group and I explore Pinterest for new layout ideas. For new concepts and things to think about, I really recommend going through all the bulletjournal.com blog entries and seeing what appeals to you.

You can find Tracy on her Instagram here. Don’t forget, you can be featured here as well! Learn more here.

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