Blog Traffic and Income Report (February 2016)

Traffic and Income reports are one of my favorite things to read from other bloggers, so to keep us accountable for our goals (in the spirit of being productive) we’ve decided to share as well! This blog was never intended to become a full time job or even a major source of income, but we still think it will be fun to track. And boy were we excited about that first .67 cents! 🙂

Blog Traffic and Income Report

This page contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure.

Please keep in mind we launchd this blog on February 2, 2016.

Traffic Report

February Traffic

  • Pageviews: 10,017
  • Sessions: 7,013
  • Average Session Duration: 00:55
  • Bounce Rate: 80.68%
  • New Sessions: 83.37%
  • Highest Traffic Day: 1,233

We are very excited to see this results in our first month of blogging! Now let’s take a look at where they came from..

February Traffic Sources

  • Social: 65.38%
    • Facebook: 64.10%
    • reddit: 28.03%
    • Pinterest: 7%
    • Instagram*: 0.83%
    • StumbleUpon: 0.04%
  • Direct*: 30.07%
  • Referral: 4.12%
  • Organic Search: 0.43%

* Instagram by default is grouped with direct traffic instead of social. I used a hack to start pulling the data separately but did not do this until the end of the month. 

Social Media Report

February Social Media Growth

  • Instagram: 473 followers! This was starting from ZERO so a very exciting growth for us!
  • Pinterest: 583 board followers! We don’t have a separate P&P account yet, but our P&P board was created this month. In fairness, most could have just been inherited from my own personal following and their default settings to follow all new boards.
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 55 subscribers (again, coming from ZERO)!
Profit and Loss Report

February Income

  • Amazon Affiliates (2/1 – 2/29): $43.27
  • Total Gross Income: $43.27

February Expenses

* Paid yearly
** Jen owned a hosting plan for other sites, and the Genesis framework prior to this blog launching so we didn’t actually have to pay these amounts to launch this particular site. We decided to still share so you would understand what the cost would be should you start from scratch.

Total Net Profit: -$4.11

Post Report
Goal Report

February Goals

  1. Create site and launch first post.
  2. Set up Instagram Account
  3. Share in Bullet Journal Junkies Group
  4. Share in Organizing Group (admins removed; not allowed to share personal blogs)
  5. Draft 6 posts in advance to cover for the beginning of Jen’s maternity leave. (MIGRATE)
  6. Create a Facebook page for the website.
  7. Create an Instagram Landing Page to better track our Instagram traffic.
  8. Make March handwriting hack labels (like February’s) for resource library
  9. Launch two blog posts per week from 2/8 onward.

Goals for Next Month

  1. Increase posting to 3x per week.
  2. Maintain 1 week of blog posts scheduled in advance (i.e., Liz stop writing posts the day before).
  3. Facebook page plan.
  4. Jen to draft and schedule 8-12 posts in advance to cover for the beginning of maternity leave (migrated this from last month).
  5. Find more Pinterest group boards to be a contributor on.
  6. Make April and May handwriting hack labels (like February’s) for resource library.
  7. Launch Newsletter.
  8. Increase blog traffic numbers.

Let us know if you like seeing this – I know a lot of people have been curious about how blogs work behind the scenes!

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