Getting Started with WordPress

I recently realized that most ‘start a blog’ tutorials, include in my own, gloss over the whole ‘get your blog set up with a theme’ part.

Most people read that and are all what-the-what?

Getting Started with WordPress - A full review of the platform and it's features PLUS a free cheat sheet to help you get started

I suspect it’s written that way, because to an experienced blogger and WordPress user, we know what a Theme is, we know that themes typically come with directions, and we know the fundamentals of WordPress to get it configured. But for someone brand new to WordPress, the directions aren’t always clear, especially when you don’t have the fundamentals down.

This became real to me recently. I encouraged a friend to make the move from Blogger to WordPress. She was about to be syndicated on a big media outlet and wanted her blog to be in tip-top shape before traffic was sent to her. She had to move fast and was anxious about the process.

It took me only a few short text exchanges to realize how I failed her.

Me: Be sure to go in and format your posts so they look constant.

Her: What do you mean by format, and how do I do that?

And another…

Her: How do I add social sharing icons to my post?

Me: Install the plugin you’d like, and configure it according to the settings.

Her: English?

Is this familiar to you?

This language is natural to me. I’ve used WordPress for years and years. I’ve probably built 100 WordPress blogs. But to someone who has never built one, it’s not as simple as we often make it seem.

Getting Started with WordPress - Get unstuck and get started with FREE help!

I’ve put together a video that walks you through all of the basic features of WordPress, explains the terminology, and offer some suggestions for getting set up.

Looking for something specific and don’t want to sift through the whole 28 minute video? Here are the specific times in the video for each major section:

  • 00:35 Where to log in to WordPress
  • 01:30 WordPress Dashboard / Sidebar overview
  • 03:05 Blog Posts, Adding Media, Categories, and Tags
  • 09:03 Blog Pages
  • 10:05 Comments
  • 10:25 Appearance (Themes, Header Image,Widgets, Menu’s, etc.)
  • 19:00 Plugins
  • 23:45 Users
  • 24:12 Tools
  • 24:48 Settings

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Haven’t started yet? What is stopping you? Here is my tutorial on how to start a blog. Couple that with this video and checklist, and START.
New to WordPress? Watch the video and download the cheat sheet to see what you can learn.
Seasoned blogger? Find some time to clean house and rid yourself of any media or plugins you are not currently using.

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