How to Create Original Bullet Journal Spreads

When I show people my bullet journal, I’m often asked how I can come up with such creative ideas to include.

How to Create Original Bullet Journal Spreads

The first thing I always do is give credit to Ryder and this AMAZING community us Bullet Journaler’s are part of because so much of my journal are ideas I’ve gotten from other people.

While I am sure there are times all of us slip and don’t give credit where credit is due (it happened recently in fact!), I really make a conscious effort to remember and credit where an idea came from or was inspired by.

bullet journal meal planning ideas

But there are times I create bullet journal spreads on my own, and I want to share my process with you today because it does not have to be time consuming or daunting.

Bullet Journal August Set Up - My bullet journal project tracking

In fact — it’s pretty simple. Find your pain.

What do I mean by that? All of us have pain points throughout our day. Start by capturing those throughout your day, whether thats just making a mental note or jotting them down.

Then, identify ones that repeat themselves. Here are a few examples of my own:

  • I’m stumped yet again on what to make for dinner
  • I know there was something I needed to get done today and I can’t remember what that was
  • I need ideas for healthy meals based on the meal category
  • I forgot that great idea I had because I didn’t write it down
  • I’m always needing to come up with ideas for things my guests can do when they are in town
  • Every year I forget the local orchards pick-your-own schedule and i end up missing out on my favorite berries!

Dinner Ideas in the Bullet Journal - How to keep a running list so you are never stumped as to what to make!

Next — figure out what you could do to prevent that.

  • For dinner, maybe you need a go-to list of dinner ideas so you don’t waste 20 minutes standing in front of the refrigerator scratching your head.
  • For your local orchard, maybe you could create a chart of the summer months and plot the berry schedule within it.
  • For ideas, maybe you need to create a someday/maybe list to capture thoseĀ for when you are ready for them.


Whatever the pain-point may be, the solution is in your head! You just need to free up the space to come up with it by capturing those pain points so you can give yourself the creative space to solution.

Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

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  • I am new to the BUJO World, but I love it. It is brilliant idea, and yet so simple I can not figure out why I did not come up with it on my own. Any way, I have seen many list with suggestions and examples of Collections to put in my bullet journal. Several of them, including the one I received from you, stated Couponing. However, I am not sure how I would set up a Collection for couponing and would be very interested in seeing a sample. I have searched everywhere with no results. If you have one, would you please post.

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