How We Manage Our Passwords

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of LastPass for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

We know a thing or two about organizing but when it came to our passwords, we were at a loss. We have so many different accounts which results in so many logins and passwords to keep track of. Couple these with all of the personal accounts and logins we each have and it was a bit overwhelming.

My solution, you ask? Store them all in a note on my phone (really safe, I know).

But what happened when we had to update a password? Text each other and hope we remembered the next time we needed to log in (yes, this happens more than we should admit). Needless to say it really wasn’t working for us.

Enter LastPass!

LastPass safely and securely stores all your passwords in your encrypted vault. Which means you only have to remember a single login and password. Let me just say that again… ONE password!! It makes online life so much easier with only one master password plus it works across all your devices with so many other awesome features (all free)!

So now you’re like okay Liz, that’s great and all – but how does it work?!? Simple. First you Get LastPass for Free — creating an account took me about 30 seconds. Then you’ll be prompted to download the browser extension (this took me about a minute – you’ll have to download the app if you’re on a mobile device).LastPass Vault Homepage Now you’re ready to rock. You can either add your sites directly to the vault, or add your sites as you use them with the extension. Which ever way you do it, it’ll be the last time you ever have to type that login or password again!

I was sold at one password, but then I discovered the “fill form” feature where you can save credit cards and addresses. LastPass is really a gift from the online shopping gods – all in one password! LastPast - Form fill Another awesome feature is the new password generator – whether you need to update an old password or create one for a new site, LastPass creates a strong and secure password and saves it for you.

Are you ready for the best feature of all? SHARING! Yes friends, sharing is caring. This is by far my most favorite feature.

You can pick and choose which passwords you share with who – all you need is their email address.This is perfect for those of you working with interns or assistants because it takes away the fear of sharing your actual password, but still gives them the access they need to log in on your behalf. Plus, you don’t have to share the actual password so you don’t have to worry about them using it if you decide to no longer share with them.

There’s also an emergency access feature – you choose contacts to have access to your account. You just need their email, and you set a time frame for how long they have to wait to access your vault once they request it. And of course during this time you can decline their request. LastPass-Emergency Access Alright, I think you’ve had enough of me talking so get out there and Get LastPass for Free.

Let me know what you think, too 🙂

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