Is Your Inner Critic Holding You Back? It starts inside.

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Anyone who knows me would likely use the words driven or ambitious to describe me. Between a full time career, raising little ones, and running my own business consisting of multiple blogs, I’m often operating in what seems like hyper-drive to get things done. I love the feeling of checking things off of a list or in my bullet journal!  If you’re a frequent reader, my guess is you’re an ambitious goal-getter as well. While we have an amazing archive of productivity posts guaranteed to get you jazzed to tackle that next project, there is one topic we’ve yet to touch on. Sadly, it’s often the difference between crushing that big scary audacious goal, and never getting started. I’m talking about the inner critic. The voice inside you that tells you ‘you can’t’. That tells you it’s possible for others but not you. That you’re not good enough, worthy enough, smart enough, or pretty enough. That you’re just not enough. We don’t talk about it much, yet most of us experience it regularly. Activia recently recorded ‘Inner Voice Interviews’ where they asked women to share their goals and what’s holding them back from accomplishing them. The results were pretty astounding: 80% of the time the answer was themselves.

Can you relate to any of these women? I can. I’ve progressed leaps and bounds in my self-confidence over the past few years, but I still have moments of self-doubt. I still get the anxious flutters in my stomach when I dream about the next big thing I’m hoping to accomplish. When I think I may not have what it takes or am not capable of success the way it appears in my mind. I want to throw in the towel, often. Even when I overcome those concerns and move forward, I’m scared every step of the way. Even as I cross that metaphorical finish line, I’m giving away credit and pointing out all the ways it wasn’t really me or I didn’t really earn that. 

The Inner Voice Interviews gave me comfort in knowing I am not alone, but also saddened me that so many of us feel this way. So what do we do? Activia believes #ItStartsInside — that when your mind and body are aligned, you harness your greatest potential. 

Start today and come up with ONE statement you’ll tell yourself the next time you hear that inner critic. I am excited to share Activia will be donating $250,000 to the Girls Who Code national nonprofit organization to support the future generation of women. I can’t tell you how often I’m met with surprise when I tell other women I can code (and taught myself none the less). 

Tell me – how are you going to start inside and squash that inner critic?

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