KonMari Method in the Bullet Journal

KonMari Method in the Bullet JournalI think it’s pretty safe to say that I was late to jump on the KonMari Method bandwagon, so those of you apparently living under a rock like myself, the method is captured in the wildly popular book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

The overall premise of the book is to surround yourself by only things that bring you joy, which will in turn make you live a more joyful life. Marie Kondo walks you through purging in a way you may never have considered before: by category, instead of by room.

I was very skeptical; I have similar items in almost every room of my home and the idea of pulling them all together seemed like more work than it was worth!

Konmari Spreads for Bullet Journal

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However, from the few categories I’ve completed so far, I’ve found it to be much more efficient than going room by room. You can see a post where I tackled my office supplies using this method, here.

However, I do have to say that I could not get past thanking my items for the purpose they did serve/joy they did bring at one point.

Kudos to you if you enjoy that step, but it’s not for this lady.

konmari for bullet journal

Since many of us in the Bullet Journal community are big fans of list making and organizing, I wanted to share a few ways people (including myself) capture the KonMari method list (or KonMari based)  in the pages of their bujo!

Don’t have a bullet journal yet or don’t know what it is? Check out this page.

KonMari Method in the Bullet Journal
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KonMari Method in the Bullet Journal
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KonMari Method in the Bullet Journal
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KonMari Method in the Bullet Journal
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KonMari Method in the Bullet Journal
My own Konmari spread got messed up quickly, as I found I needed to add more categories and did in fact want to “cluster” by room – but please know I still go by category through the process. Thank goodness for washi tape and printer paper to save my mistakes!

If you’ve captured the list in your bullet journal, please share the link to your blog post / pin / Instagram pic in the comments below! 

Bullet Journal Supply Spotlight

Here is another Pinterest image in case you are interested in sharing! We appreciate your support.

Use the KonMari method in your bullet journal to be even more organized and effective!

Free KonMari Checklist!

Implement the KonMari method using this free printable!

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  • Loving this! I was mildly interested in the BuJo idea before. But I am ALL ABOUT the KonMari method, so now you’ve really made me want to do my own BuJo! We will see what happens…

  • My daughter is so doing the KonMari Method and getting rid of things that I think she will be sorry for in the future. I believe it’s a good idea to a point, but it doesn’t bring into account things that she will treasure from her children in years to come. I quite giving her things that belonged to my mother or grandparents, afraid she will dispose of them. She has been on me to do this method, but I’m an avid crafter/quilter. You can not get rid of everything. I love your post and your ideas. I am an organizer. We are in the middle of a renovation right now and cannot wait for my office/library to be finished. Then I can organize that area. All my books around someone else may not bring joy to them, but they definitely bring me joy! Thank you. I will be showing your post to my daughter.

    • Best of luck to your daughter! I hope she is able to identify and save items that will be meaningful to her down the road. I keep a bin for sentimental items, and another for things to pass down to my children.

  • Just started on the KonMari method this year too! And I’m so thankful for it! I already started decluttering a few years back but the process never felt right. Now I know that (at least for me) it’s not about getting rid of as much as possible, but about only surrounding yourself with things you love. So having a wall of books is alright with me and gives me joy, other things not so much – so they go. Great to see you have joined the movement too 🙂
    And thank you for all the inspiration regarding using your bullet journal to organize the process. Definitively something that’s still on my todo list!

    I wish you a most wonderful weekend! All the best, Sandra

    • You’ll start wondering why you kept some things for so long! Glad we could spark some inspiration for your Konmari journey 🙂

  • I love this approach! I started Kon Mari all at once when moving; to say it was overwhelming would be an understatement. I’ll definitely keep this in mind in the future!

  • I’m sure this was a lovely blog post. However my ability to read and enjoy it was ruined by the floating Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc., bar on the left side of the post. Which covered up the first few letters, making it impossible to read what you have written.

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