Konmari Packing and Travel Hacks

When I travel (especially for work) just like the Konmari method, I like to keep everything super simple and decluttered. I’ve been on way too many trips where I’ve over packed and never touched half of the things I had in my bag… and I have a feeling I’m not alone in that boat either!

With that being said, I usually try to only use my small suitcase so I can minimize the things I bring, the things I bring back (shopping – am I right ladies?!), and last but not least – avoid the dreaded checked bag fee. Here’s all I bring

Konmari Packing and Travel Hacks!

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I break down my packing list into categories by bag to make sure I always have everything I need. Here’s my brief packing list:

Carry-on Suitcase:

  1. Clothes
    a. Work
    b. Gym
    c. Casual
    d. Sleep
    e. Intimates (Bras, undies, socks)
  2. Shoes
    a. Work
    b. Gym
    c. Casual
  3. Toiletries
    a. Hygiene
    b. Beauty
  4. Other

Carry-on Backpack (doubles as work bag):

  1. Medications
  2. Electronics
    a. Work
    b. Personal
  3. Other

What I pack:
So let’s assume I’m going on a work trip for four days/three nights. I work my way down the list to see what I’ll need.

Starting with clothes, I pick out four work outfits… But the key is to choose items that are interchangeable and can be worn multiple times – cue my favorite pair of black pants!

So now that I have my pants sorted out I pick 3 shirts to go with them. Then I’ll usually choose a dress to spice it up so I’m not wearing the same combo every day.

Next up – gym clothes, I try to keep this the simplest and make sure that everything is dry-fast material. I’ll usually pack one pair of leggings, a pair of shorts and two tanks. That way I can wear one outfit while the other is drying (I wash them in the sink of the hotel with the soap they provide.)

Now casual, I use the same methodology for casual items as I do for work items. One good pair of jeans (or capris depending on the weather) with one or two tops. Most of the time I end up wearing my work outfits when I go out so this is really an “emergency” outfit.

Next up is sleep clothes, which I just wear a t-shirt and yoga pants to bed so in the bag those go too!

Last clothes category is intimates, everyone’s preferences vary but I only bring one regular bra, two sports bras, and enough socks and undies for each day plus one extra set.

Now how I pack these things…

I roll everything together by category! So I have three major rolls and everything else fills the space, check it out below…

Konmari packing hacks! Konmari packing hacks, roll your clothes!

Next major category is shoes, which work makes super easy… one pair of black flats, one pair of sneakers and one pair of comfortable sandals.

Last category for my suit case is toiletries, remember keep it simple! Also don’t forget to follow TSA guidelines for your liquids – travel sized(3.4 oz. or less) items only.

For my hygiene items, I keep these items stored in a quart-sized plastic bag in a waterproof travel bag – this one is similar to mine and I keep it in my bathroom closet so it’s easily accessible and ready. What’s inside? Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wipes, face lotion, body lotion, Qtips, tweezers and a nail file. Before I throw it in my bag I add my basic beauty items: foundation, blush and mascara. That’s it!

Now you may be asking why I keep the bag in a bag… well if you’re carrying on your toiletries bag, the last thing you would want is to go through security and have to toss all of it because you don’t have a clear plastic baggie.

Check out how everything looks nice and organized (ignore my sneakers and socks)! The best thing about rolling larger groups of clothing is that things don’t shift around no matter how much you throw your bag around.

Konmari packing hacks - rolling and minimizing

And I even have room for a few more outfits or another pair of shoes if I really wanted!

Konmari packing hacks - rolling and minimizing your suitcase

Now on to my backpack, even if I’m carrying on both of my bags there’s always a chance that they’ll say the overhead bins are full and they start checking bags at the gate. This is the last place where you want to start shuffling things from bag to bag so this is why I pack my nearest and dearest items in my backpack.

So first are my medications – I don’t take entire bottles with me but just enough for the trip plus a few extra days’ worth in a travel pill container. For my electronics: my work computer and it’s charger, my iPad, it’s charger and my phone charger (I have an iPhone but I still bring both charging nuggets and two cords – power is important!)

I also make sure I have a pair of headphones, my bullet journal, chapstick, gum and a few Quest bars. Last but not least is a refillable water bottle (and a neck pillow for longer flights)! I don’t bring my favorite everyday bottle with me, but I have a travel one that I’m not as attached to because let’s be real no one likes paying $4-5 for a tiny bottle of water at the airport that isn’t healthy to refill (yes, I am a freak about BPA’s).

That’s it, you’re finished packing! Pretty easy when you simplify it right? And can you believe all that stuff fit in just those two bags!

Do you have any go-to packing tips or tricks?

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