Leuchtturm Notebook Cover Hack

Calling all bullet journalers — I have the perfect journal hack for you!

DIY notebook cover hack!

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My bullet journal (LT1917) was starting to look pretty ragged because the color was starting to peel and chip from certain spots. Especially the spine and the corners.

It doesn’t help that my cats love to get their paws on it use it as a chew toy. I’d like to think they just like to play with the¬†bookmark ribbons but I’m pretty sure they want to destroy it so I can’t spend as much time in it!

I also have a bad habit of just tossing it in whatever bag I’m using for the day with no regard to its well being.

So here’s my cover before my journal hack…


And here’s after my journal hack!

how to fix your scratched notebook cover!

Such a difference and you won’t believe what a quick and easy fix it was! I simply took the violet Staedtler marker¬†(or the marker that matches your notebook the best) and brushed it over the spots where the color was chipping away. It filled in the color almost perfectly and it looks like nothing ever happened!

I did this on my Leuchtturm1917 but I’m sure it would work on other brands like Moleskine, Rhodia, etc. that also have the leatherette covers.

There you have it, magic!

Just kidding – but this journal hack is a super quick and easy way to make your Leuchtturm like new again.

Does anyone have any other journal fixes?

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