Organize Baby Bottles and Breastfeeding Supplies

Preparing for the arrival of this little one meant pulling out all of our old baby feeding gear that Emily has long outgrown. I can’t believe how much I hung on to! I remember the first year of Emily’s life pretty well, especially as it relates to the annoyances of breast and bottle feeding. One of the biggest frustrations was the clutter – my countertops were always covered, and my cabinets always crammed. This time, I promised myself I would not fall victim to the same frustrations.

My daughter had a severe milk allergy and I was only able to breast feed for the first 6 weeks of her life before switching her to a prescription formula. Even in those 6-weeks, I did a lot of pumping and bottle feeding to make sure she had no problem switching between the two. We anticipate this baby to have the same allergy, so I have supplies for both breast and formula feeding.

Today, I’m going to share with you my process for organizing all of the baby gear that lives in my kitchen!

Organize Baby Bottles and Breastfeeding Supplies

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Tip: Don’t let pregnancy brain get the best of you! Keep a notebook handy so you can make a list of the things you need to replace or go buy.

The Process

Step One: Purge (if this is not your first rodeo
First I went through and purged. What of this stuff did I not use? Or what did I use but didn’t like? What was broken or damaged? What are you not supposed to re-use that I saved without knowing the better? From what I’ve read, you are not supposed to re-use things like bottle nipples, pacifiers, or breast pump tubes and valves. I had to ask myself frequently what was I keeping ‘in case I MIGHT need it‘. If it was something inexpensive and easy to replace, out the door it went.

Step Two: Group like items
I emptied my dining room table and grouped like items. When I was done, I had piles for:

Step Three: Assess storage needs
By grouping, you can get a sense of how much you have to store, and where storing will functionally make sense. After a quick trip to Target for some supplies, I was able to create this functional system. If you are looking for something similar, consider checking out Target or even your local dollar tree.

Organize Baby Bottles and Breastfeeding Supplies

Other ideas include:

Now onto the hard part: finding where storing would be possible. I looked for opportunities to consolidate other things in my cabinets. Did I really need all of those mugs? How often was I reaching for the gravy boat? By purging (again) and finding new homes for items I don’t reach for often, I was able to free up almost an entire shelf for my supplies. My counter practically gave me a standing ovation for this one.

Step Four: Put everything in its new home

Like any system, you’ll try this over time and make changes based on your needs. For me:

  • I needed quick and easy access to bottles and bottle parts, in a way that I could both grab or put things away in a rush or with one hand.
  • Bibs needed to be distinguished between baby and toddler, and be easily assessable for feeding times.
  • Nursing gear was distributed throughout the house – some items made sense to keep in the kitchen or with my pump, other items made more sense to be in the bathroom or bedroom.
  • Baby bullet supplies and small sippy cups are not needed for a few months, so I put those tucked away behind more day-to-day items.
  • I needed the bins to be labeled (which I did with my Silhouette Portrait – subsequent post to come), and of course, I wanted them to look pretty so that when I open the cabinet in a state of frenzy, I have some sense of relief.

Organize Bottles and Breastfeeding Supplies

Since the baby hasn’t arrived yet at the time I am writing this, and I sanitized things a few weeks in advance of her arrival, my personal system isn’t 100% complete, but I am happy with progress!

Organize Bibs

Caution to new moms: While some items do need to be open and sanitized prior to babies arrival, I will share that one regret I had was opening everything before she came. We ended up wasting countless dollars on bottles and supplies trying to figure out what works best for her. Had I tried things before opening all, we could have saved some money, time, and stress! 

Organize Baby Bottles and Breastfeeding Supplies

I’ll create subsequent posts on how the system works once I finish, and on what my new toddler feeding system will be too! Please share your own tips and tricks in the comments!

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