Organize Greeting Cards

I don’t send a lot of hand written letters these days, but I try my best to send cards to close family or friends for any major life events, or send thank you notes for any gifts we get. Since even the smallest of errands can often be inconvenient with a toddler, I love having extra cards and stationary on hand.

In fact, I loved it so much that I found myself with two different card organizers, a few boxes of thank you notes, and random floating cards throughout my home.

The result? Whenever I needed a card, I’d find myself buying more instead of reaching for my stash.

Organize Greeting Cards

I wanted something clear or acrylic that would match my other office organizing products, could snap closed, flexible in terms of what I include/how I lay it out, and allowed for some cute touches as well. I landed on this card box (similar options available at Michael’s).

Organize Greeting Cards

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I love how sturdy it is, how well it snaps shut, the slots for holding the dividers in place, and the size! The only con I can share is that the slots are designed for equal spacing, so it’s not conducive if you have exponentially more of one then another. I had a big supply of thank you cards, so I opted to make that the first section and not use the slots to give myself some additional room.

Organize Greeting Cards

I took a full inventory of all of my cards and found the categories:

  • Thank you
  • Blank
  • Birthday
  • Get well / Sympathy
  • Congrats (general, baby, wedding)
  • Misc (friendship, holiday cards)

I used my label maker (medium font size) to print a label for each category, and I put a strip of washi tape down before applying the label just to give it some color.

Organize Greeting Cards

The entire project took about 30-minutes from start to finish. I love the finished result and know I now have a system that is not only functional and reliable, but pretty as well.

How do you organize or store your cards?

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