5 Home Organization Tips (in 10 Minutes or less!)

It’s happened to all of us, you get the call or text that guests are on their way over. If you’re like me you have about 10 minutes or less to tidy up and make it look like your house isn’t “lived in” (or at least that’s how it feels!) Well I have just the list to help you have an organized, guest ready home!

5 home organization tips

Before you start tidying up, think of the rooms that you’ll be entertaining in… usually this is the living room and kitchen (and don’t forget the bathroom). With that in mind let’s get this done!

Dishes (2 minutes or less)

Depending on the amount, get those washed and/or in the dishwasher! If you have a ton or it’s going to take you longer than two minutes, throw them all in the dishwasher and hand wash the delicate items later when you have time.

Clear surfaces (2 minutes)

organize messy kitchen

Whether it’s the counter, coffee or kitchen table – clear it off! Whether you have to throw everything in a basket, drawer or closet a clear surface gives people the illusion of a clean, organized home. Sarah over at Early Bird Mom says it best!

Need to organize in a pinch? Follow these 5 easy tips to have a more organized home in 10 minutes or less!
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Put things away (3-5 minutes)

There’s many things but I classify things as anything that is still ruining that picture perfect organized home or anything that isn’t in it’s rightful home. This can be kids toys, pet accessories, keys, purses, technology, etc.

Tidy (1-2 minutes)

Fold blankets, arrange couch pillows and put anything away that you missed in the previous step. Victoria over at Creative Home Keeper has the perfect comparison to sum it up these last two steps!

Need to organize in a pinch? Follow these 5 easy tips to have a more organized home in 10 minutes or less!
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Freshen Up! (0-1 minutes)

Last but not least, make it smell good! You can light a candle, spray a little Febreeze or open some windows depending on the weather. Just make sure the smell isn’t too overpowering – you don’t want to scare off your guests before they even arrive!

Even if you follow the KonMari method, chances are things can just start looking “lived in” (but it will definitely make it easier to put things away!) These aren’t scientific methods but they are proven! So if you follow this quick list you’ll be ready for your guests in no time…. okay, 10 minutes 🙂

What do you do to organize your home in a pinch?

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