Organize Your Closet to Make the Most of Your Space

In our last house, our master bedroom had one average sized closet, and a small walk-in type of area that lead up to the attic. Full disclosure: my husband has a hard time getting rid of things, so he has a fully stocked wardrobe.

Organize Your Closet

Knowing there was no way I could share the average closet with my husband, I knew I was going to need to maximize this extra space — and maximize I did! I wanted to share with you how I made the most of a small space.

This was the view when you opened the door..

Organize Your Closet

On the right, I had hung my giant hat (used for a tea-party themed shower, but I loved it so I kept it) along with a bulletin board where I hung my long necklaces.
Organize Your Closet

Below that, was my jewelry box (similar).
Organize Your Closet

To the left, I stacked two sets of 3-drawer containers (similar) for winter accessories, pajamas, workout clothes, fuzzy socks, scarves, belts, swim wear, shorts, capris, and halloween costumes.
Organize Your Closet

And above that.. my beautiful wall of shoes we mounted using crown molding. I never get sick of looking at this.
Organize Your Closet

Against the far back wall, I organized my clothes based on type (sleeveless, short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, long sleeve, cardigan, etc.).
Organize Your Closet

I marked their separation using these dividers that I DIYed.
Organize Your Closet

The only items I did not keep in this closet, were my bags. I hung those (using metal book rings, but shower hooks work too) in my office closet.
Organize Your Closet

Also not pictured.. a few drawers in our dresser where I kept more lounge wear and underwear.

We were fortunate to have this extra little closet (which coincidentally my new house has as well). It was small, but as you can see, you can maximize your space to fit all of your clothes and accessories into one place!

I’ll do a post soon about how I have organized my current closets.

Here is another Pinterest image in case you are interested in sharing! We appreciate your support.

Amazing tips for organizing your closet!! Big or small these will help you organize your closet.

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