Bullet Journal Planning Routine

Sunday… where it all begins, where all the magic happens, my sacred planning day. I do all my monthlies, weeklies, grocery shopping and meal prep on Sundays.

I have found that doing things I love (planning + cooking) helps me combat my Sunday blues… a.k.a. that “Tomorrow is Monday” feeling.

bullet journal planning routine

It all begins when I first wake up with breakfast and a cup of coffee. Now you may be asking yourself, “Did this girl just say she starts planning in the morning?!? Is this an all-day event?!”

The short answer is yes, and kind of. This is where my 6 P’s of performance (as I’d like to call them) come into play – Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

This holds true to your week, if you spend the proper time planning and prepping you’ll be ready to conquer the week and won’t be scrambling last minute when you realize you have company coming over on Tuesday, or a party on Thursday (that you needed to buy a gift for but now you’ll be stuck giving them a last minute gift card).

weekly planning routine

So like I said, it all begins with my morning coffee, I take out my bullet journal and start making my weekly spread for the following week. If you’re looking for inspiration check out this round-up of weekly spreads that Jen did.

Or if it’s the beginning of the month, I’ll start creating my monthly spread first. This helps with my weeklies throughout the month. Jen has a bunch of monthly spreads rounded-up for you, too!

For me, my monthly spread is usually a calendar view where I’ll include appointments, events, and other things I need to remember.

monthly planning routine

Now back to my weekly spread, when I’m creating my weeklies I’ll pull in things from my monthly spread e.g. birthdays, events and appointments that are happening and I think about what I’ll need for each of them. Do I need a card or something from the grocery store? Do I need any pre-work?

The fantastic thing about this part is it helps me create my shopping lists. Which builds on to the next phase of my planning routine – meal planning! And don’t worry, I have some meal planning spreads for you already 🙂

My weekly planning routine

I like to get all my meals cooked and prepped for the week. It keeps me focused on more important things than what’s for lunch. I’ll admit, my meals are pretty basic – a protein, a carbohydrate and a veggie. This usually consists of cooking enough protein for lunch and dinner all week (chicken 85% of the time).

I cook enough potatoes for half of the week, then I’ll cook rice on Tuesday or Wednesday to get me through the rest of the week.

And last but not least is my veggies, again I’ll cook one type for the first half of the week and another type mid-week to get me through the rest of the week. By doing it this way I’m not overwhelmed by cooking a million things at once, my sides are fresh throughout the week and I have some variety.

So once I have my meals planned out and my lists ready to go, I’m off to the grocery store (obviously after I finish my coffee). The key is to get to the store before 9AM when the rest of the world decides to shop.

After shopping, I take a break and make time for all my Sunday activities – relaxing, housework, etc. I cook and prep my meals at the same time I make dinner on Sunday night. I’ll also pack my bag(s) for Monday so I’m ready to head out the door.

That’s all folks! It might seem overwhelming at first but it really works for me and my case of the Monday’s aren’t so bad when I realize all the prep and planning is already done!

Do you have a planning routine? Share in the comments!

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