Printable Washi Tape (DIY!)

If you’ve browsed any bujo community I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon many rolls of washi tape that have made you green with envy.

That’s basically the story of my life everyday while browsing through various groups. I find myself thinking, “If only I had THAT washi, my life would be complete.”

Okay, close to complete – until the next beautiful washi graces me with it’s presence. 

Create your own beautiful washi tape for your bullet journal or planner!

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So I begin my search for said washi, only to find it at a ridiculous price, with crazy shipping charges or even worse – I never find it at all.

Then begins my state of depression

Which got me thinking, how do I create my ever elusive washi?

Enter – DIY washi tape!!

You only need a few things to make your own washi:

  • Avery full page shipping labels (white) or (clear)
  • A design or image (a google image search works!)

There’s a few ways to make your own washi.

The first and easiest way is to use an image. It’s basically already created and colored for you. One of my favorite stock photo sites is

Create your own washi tape for your bullet journal!

They have a ton of images that you can use for free! All you need is an email address to sign up and start downloading photos. Unless I’m looking for something specific I’ll usually search “vector patterns” and pick one that has some fun colors or patterns.

After you download the image, just insert it into a blank document and resize it to fit the entire page. Or you can resize a few images on the same page so you have a little variety on one sheet. Like I did for my sample below…

Create your own washi tape for your bullet journal!

Once you have the image (or images) situated on the page, you can go ahead and print using a full page label. Then all you have to do is cut and your washi is ready to use!

Create your own washi tape for your bullet journal!

The second option, if you’re having a hard time finding a pattern or something that you like – you can create your own! This can easily be done in Canva, Word, PowerPoint, etc.  Just create your own pattern using shapes and playing around with filling in the colors and outlines. I did some simple fall designs with some a Pixabay photo and Canva images but get creative!

Create your own washi tape for your bullet journal!


From there, follow the same directions from above – print, cut and you’re ready to go!

Create your own washi tape for your bullet journal!

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A few notes about cutting…

If you’re a stickler for straight lines like me, cutting your washi freehand with scissors may be a daunting task.

I used scissors for my washi and found it was easier to play around with the width, shape and size of how I wanted my washi to look but it’s all personal preference!

Now go forth and conquer your own DIY washi tape and make sure to come back here and let us know how it went!

Free Printable Fall Washi

You can MAKE your own Washi tape, and we can help. Simply print your favorite patterns on sticker paper, cut, and enjoy! [tutorial]

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