Boost your Productivity with Coloring

If you’ve been to a Michaels or AC Moore lately you may have seen piles of coloring books and wondered what the fuss was all about? Well what if I told you coloring could increase your productivity AND it’s actually fun? Check out the 3 ways coloring helps me be more productive!

Looking for a fun (and easy!) way to boost your productivity? Check out adult coloring!

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1. Coloring Improves Focus

Coloring is a form of therapy for me. It grounds me in a way that forces me to be mindful of the here and now. When I’m coloring I can’t watch TV, I can’t check Facebook or any other social media – I have to focus! As soon as my pencil (or marker or pen 🙂 ) hits the paper I’m zoned in. 85% of the time I’m multitasking which means whatever thing I’m doing is only getting half of my attention, and let’s be honest… that’s only if I’m trying to do two things at once. Coloring is a great way to retrain your brain to focus on one task and one task only, stay in the lines! Ever since I started (about once a week) I’m able to tune into one thing whether it’s writing or a conversation and be completely present.  To be your most productive self you have to be focused and coloring can make that happen!

Looking for a fun and easy way to boost your productivity? Try adult coloring!
A finished page from my Creative Coloring Inspirations book!

2. Coloring Inspires Creativity

Coloring is a great way to get creative. There are so many books and options out there that it’s hard to not be creative and almost impossible to get bored. My mom always makes fun of me and says that you can’t be creative when you’re “just coloring in the lines” but I disagree! Theres so much more that goes into coloring than just staying in the lines… What color should I use next? What type of drawing utensil should I use? What do I want this picture to look or feel like? So many questions that need to be answered yet they are never overwhelming nor do they cause me anxiety because guess what? If you don’t like the color you used, you can pick a different one! Colored outside the lines? No problem, turn it into your own piece of art! The possibilities are truly endless!

Looking for an easy and fun way to boost your productivity? Try adult coloring!
A finished page from my Detailed Designs and Beautiful Patterns book!

3. Coloring Sparks Happiness

Last but not least, coloring sparks happiness! When you’re able to let all your problems and worries go and focus on creating something beautiful you can’t help but smile. Not only does it spark happiness for yourself but for others around you, too! When someone sees a page I’m working on they get excited (and nostalgic of their kindergarten days!) Since I try to color atleast once a week I also tend to have a stash of finished pages which make awesome gifts! Just because, or I turn them into a card and people love it!

So are you ready to boost your productivity? Check out my favorite supplies to get you started!




Looking for an easy and fun way to boost your productivity? Check out adult coloring!

And please share any of your favorite books in the comments below!

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