Spring Cleaning Series – Part 3: Clean House

To round out my spring cleaning mini series I bring you Part 3! Here I’ll share my favorite whole home cleaning hacks. From the curtains to the rugs and everything in between!

The best of spring cleaning! Make your home sparkle inside and out with these hacks!


Window Cleaning

This is my favorite method for cleaning the outsides of all my windows at once. Grab the hose and a bucket and use this miracle solution to have squeaky clean windows! As for inside, I use any old window cleaner but the trick is to use newspaper for a streak free clean!

Spring cleaning series - the whole house! Get your windows to shine with this simple window hack!

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Tackle your baseboards room by room with these simple cleaning hacks and you’ll be done in no time! And don’t skip the last step – make sure to wipe them with a dryer sheet to repel dust (until your next spring cleaning of course!)Spring Cleaning Series - the whole house! Get your baseboards to sparkle (for months!)


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Blinds just need a quick dusting. This DIY vertical blind cleaner is genius! And I bet you already have everything you need.

Washer & Dryer

My favorite cleaner makes another appearance in this easy washer cleaner. And don’t forget about your dryer! These tips will not only clean your dryer but make it more efficient, too! (Pro tip: you should clean your lint filter once a month depending on usage!)

Spring Cleaning series - the house! Don't forget about the dryer! Get it clean AND running more efficiently with these simple tips!

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Rug cleaning

So I only have area rugs in my house (they’re SO much easier to keep clean with allergies, pets, etc.) so I just do spot cleaning when necessary. Here’s my favorite DIY carpet cleaner – no machine needed! About once a month I also sprinkle baking soda on them, let sit for about an hour and vacuum up. It keeps them smelling fresh and soaks up any unseen oils.

What other spring cleaning items do you have on your list?


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