Spring Cleaning Series – Part 1: Bathroom

I’m excited to bring you part 1 of my Spring Cleaning mini series! I’ll also be adding a total spring cleaning check list printable so stay tuned!

The Best Bathroom Spring Cleaning List!

Today’s post will focus on the bathroom. I try to go through this list about 3-4 times a year to get a good deep cleaning. So before we dive in I’ll share a little bit of my cleaning principles… I try to lean towards less harmful cleaners, my all time favorite is vinegar because it’s totally safe for humans and pets, it’s inexpensive and effective!

Now let’s get to cleaning!

This dawn + vinegar combo is my all time favorite! I can’t speak highly enough of this one. It’s so easy and you don’t even have to scrub, just make the mixture, spray it on, let it sit and then rinse! Cleaning done!

Spring Cleaning Bathroom - Tub and Shower Cleaner
(image source)

This DIY toilet cleaner from Martha Stewart is great! It’s easy to throw together and works wonders on those hard water stains. Don’t forget to get yourself a new toilet brush too. I love the ones from Ikea, they’re inexpensive enough so you can toss out the old one and not have to worry about disinfecting it.

Spring Cleaning Bathroom - Toilet Bowl Cleaner
(image source)

This sink cleaner doubles as a drain cleaner, I scrub the sink with a baking soda and vinegar paste then follow the directions for this DIY cleaner!

Spring Cleaning Bathroom - Drain Cleaner
(image source)

You can find my favorite streak-free cleaner from Clean My Space! See the video below.

Floors and rugs
Nothing special here, just throw all your rugs and mats into the wash. Let them hang out once their done washing. While you’re waiting for those to finish don’t forget to give your floor a good vacuum and mop.

Medicine Cabinet
If you have time, go through your medicine cabinet or closet and make sure to get rid of any expired medicines… But don’t flush them! The FDA has guidelines on to dispose of them, my local police station also has a medication drop box which makes it easy. You can also check out my bathroom organization post for some easy bathroom organizing tips.

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