Use a Bullet Journal to Eat Healthy

Being the mom of two little ones, I know how hard it is to find time to feed yourself, let alone having it be something thoughtfully planned and healthy. And let’s not even dream about a world in which you can eat it at proper temperature with two hands, but that’s a rant for a different day. 

Use a bullet journal to plan healthy meals!

While I was very fortunate in this last pregnancy to not gain much weight, I’m not happy with my post-baby body. Even more than that, I’m just not happy with how I feel. My unsolved food allergies were causing hives and discomfort, I found myself drinking 3-4 cups of sugar filled coffee daily, and I was just out of it and gross.

Something had to change.

So I began my quest for meal ideas. One of my favorite places to find healthy meal ideas is on Instagram (hashtags like #tiumeals or #eatclean are my go-to’s).

I knew my Bullet Journal could help. We even have a post full of examples of meal planning in the bullet journal. My plan was simple: I would divide a page into 4 quadrants (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks) and put meal ideas in each.

To my horror, the very first meal I wanted to capture fell into multiple categories. Writing it twice didn’t see efficient, and I wasn’t going to not include it because I’m a crazy person. So instead, I came up with my own ‘tagging’ system.

Use a bullet journal to plan healthy meals!
I created a column for each meal category, and a row for each meal idea. With this system, I can list the meal ideas and simply mark which meal categories it falls under.

Use a bullet journal to plan healthy meals!

The fact that it looks pretty helps, too. Use a bullet journal to plan healthy meals!

Use a bullet journal to plan healthy meals!

Now, let’s see if I stick to this whole clean eating thing!

Edit on 9/1/16: After publishing this post, it was brought to my attention that this spread was something Kim did a while back over at Tiny Ray of Sunshine. I would never intentionally leave credit out where credit is due. I thought I came up with the idea, but perhaps I had seen this previously and it was living in my head. None the less — Kim is AMAZING and you can check out her post all about tracking meal ideas in the bullet journal here

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    • Oh my gosh! So much for that being my original idea. This was certainly NOT intentional. I am a huge fan of Kim’s and would never intentionally take credit for something that was not mine. Thanks for pointing this out and I’ll update the post right now.

      • No worries, Jen! I’m sure it wasn’t intentional 🙂 It’s funny how sometimes we can see something and it marinates in our brain for a while. I’ve done the same in the past and then later down the line realized “Oh, THAT’S where that idea came from!”.

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